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Mission Houses Museum

  • Impressive collection of important artifacts
  • Various house structure, oldest in Hawaii
  • Insight on the life of first missionaries
Established in 1820 by the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society,  Mission Houses Museum along with Kawaiahao Church were both  recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1962. They were both built by early missionaries and given the combined name of Kawaihao Church and Missions Houses.

Documents, artifacts, and various other records of the missionaries in Hawaii during the period 1820 to 1863 are collected and placed on exhibit by the Mission Houses Museum. The museum interprets the historic collections and makes them available for educational purposes, research, and other public needs. More than 3,000 artifacts from Hawaii, the west, and the pacific can be found. Also, the museum has a collection of more than 12,000 books, manuscripts, diaries, journals, Hawaiian Church records and other materials of historical importance.

The public visiting the museum obtain insight on the life of early missionaries in Hawaii. A detailed account of cultural change from the 19th-century Hawaii and the work of the missionaries can be appreciated. The building itself, with its structure built between 1821 and 1841 makes it the oldest surviving western style buildings in Hawaii.

Used as residence of many prominent missionaries in Hawaii is the white frame house, the chamberlain house played the role of a storehouse and  separate homes while the printing office used to house the first printing press in the pacific. The museum also has a very impressive Hawaiian quilt exhibit and a gift shop with a very large selection of Hawaiian related gifts.

Mission Houses MuseumTu, W, Th, F, Sa10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
553 South King Street, Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States 96813
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It was an excellent, hidden amidst century old missionary buildings in central Honolulu
It was an excellent, hidden amidst century old missionary buildings in central Honolulu. Unquestionably private rederves. Sadly, closed now, a faded paper says closed now returning soon. I'm told it's been closed 6 months now. I truly hope that it returns. It was the coolest unknown spot in the middle of Honolulu.