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Wailua River

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This river is the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii. With an entire state park dedicated to it, it's a great destination for your visit. Fed by two main waterfalls, the waters are crystal clear and a site to behold. Rains from Mount Wai'ale'ale, the wettest location on EArth, also help feed this year with an estimated 480 inches of rain per year.

The legendary Fern Grotto of the Wailua River makes for a great, challenging trip for your vacation. Travel down the river to Fern Grotton and see the beauty of the natural habitat called the "Garden Isle" up close and personally. Take pictures so you can remember the moment forever and travel by either kayak or canoe. If you're not up for traveling on your own, feel free to look into the many boat tours that are available in the area. They'll take you to Fern Grotton as well. The boats are guaranteed to give you a full view of the beautiful scenery because they are open-aired.

This river valley once served as a capital of ancient Kauai and makes it a wonderful piece of Hawaiian natural and cultural history. Experience what was once a sacred place for the island's royalty, often called "alii". When visiting Hawaii this popular attraction through a lush river is a don't-miss spot.

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