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Sunset Photo Tour

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  • Photograph amazing Hawaiian sunrise!
  • Access our private waterfall!
Access to private land
Air Conditioned Transport
Professional photography instruction
Professional Tour Guide
Rain gear

Capture the brilliant colors of a Hawaiian sunset and take pictures of the sun rays as they touch and graze the topography of Oahu beautiful coasts. Choose from 3 different tours:

Hawaiian Sunset Tour

Explore some of the best spots on the island, culminating with the most perfect sunset. The Hawaii Sunset photo tour not only positions you in perfect timing to capture a brilliant sunset but also gives you the opportunity to capture the sun rays as they touch and graze the topography of Oahu Island Windward side.

Be humbled by the vast terrain of Hanauma Bay. Be nourished by the fresh air of calmness, and carry this exciting state forward for the remainder of the day as you encounter the smells of hundreds of Plumeria flowers at a botanical garden in a volcanic crater.

Then, view the Ko’olau Mountains up-close and personal at the Makapu’u Lookout. This lookout a favorite spot for photos of Hawaii. Please the senses at Ai Love Nalo or Ono Steaks, a specially chosen food stop that specializes in Hawaiian and Hawaii-inspired dishes. All meals are prepared with locally produced and health-conscious ingredients to hold faithful to the theme of mindfulness.

Continue to the Halona blow-hole to capture the stunning landscape of East Oahu. You get the chance to see tide pools, late-stage volcanic eruptions, and, depending on the time of year, you may even spot a humpback whale. Be prepared to capture vibrant blue waves crashing into a unique rock formation!

After all the excitement, prepare to photograph Hawaii’s most classic sunset on the eastern tip of Oahu, where you capture the sun dropping down the sky on the sea cliff walls. The beauty and vibrant colors can only be witnessed first-hand, not described, on our Hawaiian Sunset Tour.

Sites We Visit:

  • Hanauma Bay Lookout
  • Lana’i Lookout
  • Koko Crater Botanical Garden
  • Makapu’u Beach Lookout
  • Ai Love Nalo or Ono Steak & Shrimps (not catered)
  • Halona Blow Hole
  • Spitting Caves for Sunset
The North Shore Country Sunset Tour

This full-day tour brings you to peaceful locations only locals know about. Experience high mountain lookouts, hidden temples, and the beautiful Oahu North Shore.

This photo tour of Oahu includes stops at high lookouts, beautiful Buddhist temples, ancient fishponds, giant banyan trees, and ends with a gorgeous sunset on the world-famous North Shore of Oahu.

We pick you up right after lunchtime in Waikiki and head straight up Tantalus Mountain for a panoramic view of the southern coastline of Oahu. Stretching from Pearl Harbor to the crater known as Diamond Head, this first stop gets you excited for what else is to come.

We continue the day traveling the windward coast of Oahu, stopping at most people’s “bucket list” locations. This is the only photography tour offered on Oahu where you stand on a north shore beach for sunset. You could have a turtle laying right next to you as the sun turns the sky into an amazing display of colors!

Sites We Visit:
  • Tantalus lookout
  • H3 highway
  • Byodo-In Temple
  • Kualoa Beach Park (China-mans Hat)
  • Kahuku Food Trucks (not catered)
  • Banzai Pipeline
  • Sunset on North Shore
Honolulu Sunset & Fireworks Tour

Looking for things to do in Honolulu? How about a tour that teaches you how to take amazing Hawaii sunset and fireworks photos?

This tour guides you through an adventure of visual stimulation and heart-pounding explosions. Explore Hanauma Bay, visit beautiful locations, try local cuisine, and experience a breathtaking sunset followed by fireworks.

From the drama of the sunset casting color over unique cloud formations and a silhouetted skyline to photographing a powerful fireworks show, you learn how to use your camera at any time of day or night.

A simple long exposure technique is taught on this photo tour, giving you not only memories and quality photos to take home with you but also new skills to carry into the future.

View the world-famous Hanauma Bay from above, capturing panoramic photos of its world-famous landscape formed by a volcanic explosion, and then venture to the famous windward coastline. This newly formed topography is why Oahu has been selected for many TV shows and movies. We chose this landscape because of its raw Hawaiian feel and atmosphere.

After traveling around to bays, blow-holes, botanical gardens, battle locations, and local food stops, we end this night photo journey with a powerful fireworks show and a little lesson in light painting. We could explain what it is exactly, but it’s better to witness this in person. Join us any Friday for this dazzling Oahu photo tour!

Sites We Visit:
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Halona Blow-Hole
  • Makapu’u Lookout
  • Ono Steaks & Shrimps
  • Waimanalo Bay
  • Pali Lookout
  • Tantalus
  • Magic Island
  • Fireworks in Waikiki
What to bring:
  • Do not bring more than you can carry. Nothing is left in the van when we are out shooting to prevent theft.
  • We provide you with a tripod. You may bring your own.
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.
  • Bring something to drink for yourself.
  • You may want to bring a light jacket if you get cold easily. It will get very warm during the day.
  • We recommend you bring additional batteries and memory cards for your camera. We would hate to see you miss out.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes we do, please message us with what you need so we can quote you a price.
Click on the red "Book It" button and you will see live availability. Keep in mind availability changes constantly, so make sure to book in advance!
H Tours Hawaii is a "one stop shop" for all the best activities in the Hawaiian Islands. Since we work with many providers, reservations are necessary. WE HIGHLY recommend making reservations, as many activities are at a discount when you reserve in advance. Some providers even charge higher for those "walking in" because they know chances are you're not going to walk away. Finally, a reservation ensures you have a space on the tour. Trust us you don't want to spend so much time and money to come to Hawaii and then miss out on an activity because they were booked out!
Choose the tour you are interested in, click the red “Book It” button adjacent to the tour information, and complete the booking form.
Most companies, if not all, require you to call them if you're trying to book something 2-3 days in advance. Do you really want to be spending your valuable time in Hawaii calling around to desperately find something that is available to do? While we can usually accommodate most last-minute bookings, we highly encourage those that are checking out our website far in advance to book 2-3 weeks prior to desired date. You never know if there's a convention, special event, or an increase in overall visitors in town, and it would be a shame if the activities that you want to do are sold out because you waited until the last minute. Basically, if you know you want to do it, just book it!
Most companies have a set of centrally located hotels that they do pick ups from. When you select your hotel in the booking page, you will see the pickup location and directions. This makes the pickup process short so you can start the tour as soon as possible!
Gratuity is never required but if you enjoyed your experience, a tip is always greatly appreciated!
NO! You do not need to have any experience in photography to join any of our tours. We know that sometimes people feel that they cannot take photos, but let us show you that you can.
Yes! Bring your camera. Bring whatever it is that you take pictures with. These tours are not just for those who have decided to invest hundreds of dollars into their camera equipment. We don’t care if you take pictures with an ipad or a polaroid as long as you bring something to capture the beauty with you, you will be fine.
We pick you up at your hotel in Waikiki. If your hotel is outside of Waikiki, which is from the Ala Moana Hotel to the end of Kalakaua, we ask you to make your way to the paid parking area of the Honolulu Zoo. Sunrise and Complete Island Tours pick you up one hour prior to sunrise. The Sunset tour picks you up four hours prior to sunset. Full Moon; one hour prior to moon rise.
If your hotels zip code is not 96815 then you will need to go to the Honolulu zoo parking area for pick up. We do not pick up anywhere outside the Waikiki area. This includes the Kahala Hotel, Moana Valley Inn, the Ymca, Kailua, Pearl City, North Shore, Ko’Olina, the west side, east side, leeward side, Hawaii Kai, all military bases. The Waikiki area holds most of the hotels on the island. Please check with your hotel as to where it is located. We ask that you make your way to the Honolulu zoo for pick up. Please contact us if you are not sure where your hotel is located on the island.
With each tour you are provided a tripod to help you capture clear and crisp photos of everything and anything. We have rain gear for everyone on board. If we happen to be out when it starts to rain, we got you covered, literally. Also with every tour we will bring along information books about the island.
We use a 12 passenger van for our tours. Our van has space for your and our camera gear and small personal items. We will keep each tour (other than the private tour) to a 7 person limit.
Our tours, adventurous in nature, still put your safety first. We carry a first aid kit on board at all times. The tour guide is there to let you know what is safe and what is not.
No! Bring something to carry everything you bring with you. There are spots where theft is known to happen and we will not leave anything in the van.
Although there is no age limit to participate in a tour, you must keep in mind that our tour is adventurous in nature and anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
We do not have access for physically disabled people. Again, call us and let us know you concerns and we will be happy to help.
It is recommended that you wear closed toe shoes. Bring a hat and some glasses to block away the sometimes intense sun. You may want to put on some sunblock as well.
Yes, we will stop to grab something small to eat during the tour (not included). You are recommended to bring cash for some places that do not accept C/C.
The weather in Hawaii is for the most part beautiful but sometimes we can get a little rain. The tours will always go out when the forecast is calling for scattered showers. This great chance to capture unique photographs, possibly rainbows and waterfalls off the Ko’olau cliffs. On the rare occasion we will have flash flood warnings and lightning. If this occurs we will still go head with the tour, after all this is a photography tour and bad weather presents great possibilities for amazing photographs. However, if the weather continues with unsafe conditions, then the tour will be canceled and you will have the option of rescheduling or receiving a 75% refund. The call to cancel will be one hour after pick up.
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13 reviews, 0 comments
Was the tour accurately described on the webiste? In other words did it meet your expectations?
(4.8 of 5)
See you next year
Thank you so much Chris, I had a wonderful time.
Sunset on Oahu, thanks so much Chris for an awesome tour, and wonderful memories
Hawaii is a gorgeous place!
See it's possible to get a good sunset pic at Waikiki. Just have to be a little creative.
No experience necessary this tour is for everyone
Whether you use a I Phone or a expensive camera there is a place on this tour for you. Tour is conducted by a experienced, personable excellent guide ( Chris took our Group). Transport is by air conditioned vehicle with access to free wifi (hotels please note). The tour apparently ... more
differs all the time and offers varying times during the day (our was
the sunset tour) and is to the guides discretion. Chris took us to
various places around the Island offering camera advice and tips along
with interesting discourse about Island and it's history - a food stop
was also included. Sunset was seen and photographed from cliffs facing
Diamond Head. Initially this tour may seem pricey but take my word it's
worth every penny.
PS - Chris's mum you can be very proud of your son.
I would do it again for sure!!!
We did the sunset / Full moon tour when we were out there and it was great!! As a guy it's the sun & moon but not the way he shows you.
THE BEST Tour of Honolulu
We did a private 5 hour sunrise tour with 4 adults and 2 young children (7 & 4). Alex was our guide and was exceptional. The tour bus was super comfortable with aircon plus wifi. Alex also provided lens cleaning cloths on the seats and tripods. although am definitely not an avid photographer, my family and I are ... more
extremely glad we took this tour! The majority of our group were just
keen to see some different sights so I would highly recommend even for
non photographers as we only had an iPhone, point and shoot and a basic
SLR. We got some amazing tips and great pics we will treasure!

two young children this private tour allowed one of us to stay back
with our youngest when required which Alex so kindly accommodated.

was so passionate about the island and that certainly shone through in
his knowledge of unique and beautiful locales. Some of our group had
been on many tours of the island yet had not experienced the sites this
tour offered. It was refreshing to not be taken to dodgey shops by tour
operators who are paid to take tourist buses.

We stopped for
coffee at Starbucks on the way (given it was a private tour and we were
desperate given the 5am pickup!) and then for breakfast half way
through. The breakfast was at a local place selling delicious wraps and
burritos! Another place the large tour buses just can't get too.

could not more highly recommend this tour even if you think you have
seen all of Honolulu as we got taken to the most beautiful private
waterfall I have ever seen in my life! Thanks Alex we will definitely be
back when in Hawaii - maybe the sunset tour next time!!
Amazing and talented photography guides”
I can't express in words what an exceptional guide Chris was. I took the sunset tour, which included a small waterfall in the Pali Highway area, so that we could practice taking waterfalls with slow shutter speeds. We then went to a beautiful private property with an enormous waterfall ... more
and lovely tropical flowers and foliage. We ended the day with sunset at
China Walls. Chris was patient, articulate, and technically talented.
He knew how to work every setting on every camera, whether it be point
and shoot or an SLR. His assistant Carena was equally patient and
skilled. Carena even moved foliage for me to get the perfect shot. The
weather was hot and oppressive. I started to feel heat exhaustion and
Chris is so in tune with his tour that he instinctively started carrying
my equipment without my even saying anything. Carena was great too and
helped release my camera from my tripod every single time. We didn't get
to see all the sites planned but we did get amazing shots of what we

I recommend bringing water, closed toe shoes, and rain cover
for your camera because part of my trip was in the rain forest. I think
it would help if you were in somewhat good shape as there is some
climbing and hiking but you don't have to be a toned athlete either. We
had a simply amazing time and we were the only ones on the tour that
were not repeat customers. We will be next time!
This tour made my trip worth every penny. I had a tight schedule and spoke to Alex over the course of a couple of days, and he was very patient and willing to work with me. My tour was booked with Chris and he took me to some of the most incredible spots on the island for the Sunset Tour. I learned so much about my camera and how to take better ... more
photographs, but what I really appreciated was that I learned so much
about the island, the history of Hawai'i, the people, the food, and the
culture. I expected to walk away with some great photos, and this tour
went above and beyond all of my expectations. You're not going to meet
better people than these guys. I highly suggest taking this tour and
I'll make sure all of my friends and family take this tour in the
Photography tour – Oahu
I did a sunset tour with Oahu Photography Tours. Our tour guide was Chris. He managed to find some secluded places for us to get some great shots. In addition the man is half photographer and have Oahu historian. He kept us well-entertained and well-informed in the van between ... more
locations. His photography tips were very helpful in terms of learning.
This is a great value for the money considering The location in Hawaii.

I had to do it again I think I would do the all day tour. Some of the
traffic issues can make getting from one place to the next a little bit
of a challenge.

Overall phenomenal experience. Will be catching up with them again when I come back.
Family Photography Tour
We did a family tour at sunset with Chris and it was amazing! He took us to a number of great locations - most of which you would struggle to find on your own as they are off the beaten path. We had the opportunity to get pictures of waterfalls, ocean cliffs, mountains and the sunset. ... more
All four of us were relatively new to our cameras and Chris was happy to
provide suggestions on shooting modes, light metering, etc. The company
also supplied tripods and rain gear. This experience was fantastic and I
would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Oahu.
Laid back and fun
I did two photo tours with this company and both were great. On the sunset tour, I was the only one booked and instead of asking me to reschedule (which I was ok with) Chris took me out anyway. He is a photography major at the University and his laid back style was great. He helps you with your camera settings, if you need it, and suggests ... more
good angles to shoot from. My only suggestion would be that if you have a
lot of experience and do not feel you need a lot guidance in setting up
a shot, then just let them know. You have complete freedom to explore
each stop and you don't have to stay in a huddled group. There didn't
seem to be 'specific stops' that we had to go to. Chris changed it up as
our interests developed. For example on the Complete Island tour, I
really wanted to get a shot of a sea turtle so Chris made sure to add
that to one of our stops. And I got the best shot ever! The Complete
Island tour includes the sunrise and ends around mid-afternoon. I highly
recommend this company (two guys, Alex and Chris). They also have a
nice new van that is very comfortable! Thanks for everything Chris. I
hope to visit again and would LOVE to take the Friday Nights tour!!
Great tour!
Took the sunset tour on April 24th. I really enjoyed myself. Not only great photo spots & tips but great little facts about Hawaii too.
Thanks for the great tour. This was my favorite out of my bunch.