Saddle Road

  • Dangerous winding road
  • Best scenery in Hawaii
  • Highest point is 6,632 feet
Saddle Road runs from the east side of the Big Island to the west. It passes through the "saddle" between mount Mauna Kea and mount Mauna Loa, hence the name Saddle Road. This road is also known as Hawaii Route 200, and is fifty four miles long. As you drive along this scenic route will let you drive along dried lava flows and rolling hills and plains of pastureland. You will find desert-like fields and gorgeous rainforests, and throughout all of this you will find trailheads to many hiking trails.

While Saddle Road may take you through the best scenery in Hawaii, the road has its dangers. In fact, for many years, the road was considered to be the most dangerous highway in the state. The pavement was not maintained very well, and the road was very rough in many places. While many places have been improved, the road is still dangerous in places. Drive slowly and with caution!

The highest point on this dangerous but beautiful drive is 6,632 feet. The saddle, between the two mountains, is marked by crosses by those drivers who have lost their lives - again, be cautious on your drive. If you want to see the most beautiful scenery on the Big Island, you will want to make this drive!
Scenic Road
Saddle Road, Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States
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