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Choose from 3 canoe adventures in Kailua with your opportunity to catch a wave, do some snorkelling, and have a guided tour on some offshore islands!

NA MOKULUA HOE WA’A- 3 hour Canoe Paddle Adventure to the Mokes:

Looking for an action filled Hawaiian Adventure? Join us for a 3-hour guided tour in a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe! Paddle your way through Kailua Bay with ease as our local watermen guide you safely through crystal blue waters to our destination; the Mokulua Islands. Along the journey you will learn about local history and the cultural significance of the Wa’a (canoe) to our Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultures while gliding through the waters. Surrounded with the views of the Ko'olau range, Mokapu Crater and Ka'ohao Coast (Lanikai), is a true breathtaking experience. This a paddle adventure you won’t forget!

Our paddling expedition begins as we disembark beautiful Kailua Beach. As our outrigger canoe makes way through the glistening waters of Kailua Bay, our guides direct you as you get to partake in a true Hawaiian hands-on experience; a paddle venture like no other. Experiencing up-close the surrounding openness of the Hawaii waters along the way is truly amazing!

The journey will just begin as we reach our destination; the larger of the two islands, Moku Nui. One of Hawaii’s Native Bird Sanctuaries, Moku Nui is a natural home for some of Hawaii’s most valued treasures. Blanketed with Oahu’s native plants and its nesting birds, you’re sure to encounter native wildlife. In fact, the island’s beach is known for the resting spot of a rare find, the protected monk seals.

The natural treasure finds continue in Moku Nui’s surrounding waters. The island’s blue waters offer a snorkeling experience to Oahu’s underwater sea life. You’ll have a chance to see Hawaii’s coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and possibly a honu (sea turtle). And don’t worry, KOA provides our guest with snorkeling equipment at no extra charge, so you won’t miss out. Afterall, seeing a honu is a Hawaii experience!

Join us as we venture along the island’s natural terrain to the other side. There you will discover a true natural treasure; the Queen’s Bath. Naturally carved into the island’s east side, the 6-ft deep natural tidepool is an amazing find! The Queen’s Bath is truly one of Oahu’s hidden gems.

As we prepare to disembark Moku Nui, join us on the beach one last time and relax with some local Hawaiian treats and refreshments that our watermen have prepared for you.

Upon returning to Kailua Bay, if the conditions are right, our steersmen will guide the canoes onto the waves for an epic experience; He’e Nalu Wa’a (canoe surfing)! This unique Hawaiian canoe experience and thrill of wave riding is a cultural experience, deep in Hawaiian roots, that was once only reserved for Island Royalty. It’s an amazing Hawaiian experience! There is none other on the island quite like it.

If you’re looking to experience an exclusive Hawaiian adventure, book an action filled tour with Kailua Ocean Adventures! Come join our watermen as we paddle through the beautiful tropical waters of Kailua Bay.

Come paddle with us - Island Style!

Huaka'i Nā Mokulua (Sailing Canoe)- 3 hours Sailing Canoe Voyage to Mokulua:

Take an adventure on a 3-hour guided tour in a Hawaiian Sailing Canoe! The journey on our wa’a (Hawaiian canoe) is an experience in its self. Sail the beautiful waters of Kailua with local watermen while learning about the history and cultural significance of it to our Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultures. Join us for Hawaii’s most traditional ocean experience unlike any other in the world!

Our unique tour offers a relaxing sea voyage to the Twin Islands. Sit back and soak in the breath-taking view as we journey together to the islands. Upon landing on the larger of the two islands, Moku Nui, you will be given the opportunity to explore the ecosystem as we swim through the glistening, clear coral reefs of Kailua. At KOA, we provided snorkeling equipment to our guests at no extra charge. We want you to see the stunning, colorful tropical fish and the many honu (sea turtle) sharing the Hawaiian waters with us.

Afterwards, relax on the shoreline of the island and enjoy the views of the Ko’olau range surrounding us as our watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of various Ahupua’a (land divisions) that make up Kailua and the Ka Iwi coastline. With indigenous seabirds such as ‘Iwa (Great Frigate) and ‘Ua‘u kani (Wedge-tail Shearwater) flying close by, the Hawaiian Monk seals that use the island’s shoreline for a sunny resting spot, and the various other native wildlife treasures that make the island their home, the journey to the Twin Islands is an amazing destination.

After exploring the island’s shoreline, hike to the backside of the island with us as we go for a refreshing swim in the stunning Queen’s Bath. This natural salt water pool carved into the side of the island offers a truly spectacular view that words cannot describe!

Finishing up our adventure on the island, head back to the beach and join us for some of the local Hawaiian treats and refreshments we provide as we relax and take in the serenity of Moku Nui’s isolated beach.

From sailing through the stunning Hawaiian waters on our wa’a, to exploring the beautiful native habitat of Moku Nui and taking a refreshing dip in the Queen’s Bath, our tours offer a Kailua experience like no other.

Come cruise with us- Island Style. Aloha!

We want you to have an amazing time with us, so our tour itinerary is very lax. Feel free to talk to your tour guides and let them know your preferences of activities we offer for your 3-hour adventure.

Wa'a He'e Nalu (Canoe Surf)- 2 hour Hawaiian Canoe Nature Tour and Surf:

Embark on a 2 hour guided tour close off beautiful Kailua Beach on a Wa’a (Hawaiian canoe) to explore Popoi’a Island, an offshore Island with a rich history to our fishing community in the Hawaiian Kingdom days. Experience the thrill of the Hawaiian roller coaster, canoe surfing the waves right off the island or take a swim through the reefs exploring the native fishes that inhabit the coastline.

Learn about the wa'a (canoe), history, and cultural of the people of Hawaii, as well as the proper Hawaiian paddling technique. Discover the rich history of Kailua as we tell the mo'olelo (stories) of Kailua and the Ko'olaupoko district, from the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands to the Hawaiian Kingdom Days to post World War II Hawaii. You will experience first hand the history and life of Kailua!

Relax and explore Popoi'a Island while learning about the ecosystems that inhabits it from Native Plants and Native bird species such as the Ua'u Kani. Enjoy the perfect, picturesque views of the windward side such as the Ko'olau range and Ulupa'u crater or jump in the water and snorkel with some native fish and Honu (sea turtles)!

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Was the tour accurately described on the webiste? In other words did it meet your expectations?
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Wonderful adventure
We paddled an outrigger canoe from Kailua beach out to the Mokes, about a 1.5 mile trip. Although the seas were somewhat rough due to a rain storm coming in, our guides, Joe and Kiki, were great. We had a great view of the beach and Joe gave us a running commentary on the islands as we approached the beach. Once there we explored the tidal pools and wildlife, taking care not to disturb the nesting ... morebirds. Launching the canoe for the return trip was an adventure but our expert guides instructed us well and we had a safe trip back, even catching a few waves on the way, before hitting the beach. I definitely recommend this trip as long as you love to paddle. KOA is a first rate outfit with professional guides.
Great way to end our vacation!
My husband and I had a awesome time! It was a lot of fun! The guides were so informative and made the trip fun. I'm sure glad we did this on our last day of our vacation. What a way to end it!
Awesome experience
Joe and his team do an amazing job daily. Gave us insight, knowledge, history about the canoe and places in and around Kailua. They kept everyone safe as well throughout the adventure and gave us detailed instructions on canoe paddling. Went to mokulua island to adventure the different spots on the island as well as surf waves around the sides of the island. Highly recommend KOA canoes for anyone ... more(visitors or locals) planning to have an awesome day cruising at mokulua or popoi'a island. This sure beats renting kayaks and hauling them yourself to the beach. Thanks for taking us out Joe and Kiki; will be back for more.