Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls

  • Gigantic waterfall
  • Pipiwai trail
  • Huge parking

Waimoku falls is one of the most gigantic falls in the Maui region of Hawaii. Located on the highway thirty-one, this waterfall comes in the southeastern Maui, thus it is located almost above the seven sacred pools. For reaching up to this fall, you have to take a four-mile long pipiwai trail; it is a round trip from and to the Waimoku falls. This trek will usually take anywhere between one to two hours depending on your pace and footwear, so wear sturdy shoes that last on the roughest of terrains.

There is a combined parking available near the trail, where you can park and then take up walking on the trail. There are some concessions available on weekends or certain seasons for a guided tour of the whole region. It is advised that you take all the precautions to save yourself from the harsh afternoon sun. It is a gigantic 400 ft waterfall that falls in cascading streams, to end in a streaming boulder of lava.

The sheer magnificence of the view will overwhelm you. It is also advised to not stand directly under the falling waters for the fear of debris or lava pieces falling on you. Therefore, practice caution to enjoy one of the most memorable trips you will have in your life!

Pipiwai Trail, Hāna, Maui County, Hawaii, United States 96713
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