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Spouting Horn

  • Interesting Destination of Hawaiian Lore
  • A Fun Experience for the Family
  • A Photographic Opportunity
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One of Kauai's natural wonders is the Spouting Horn, and can be seen at Spouting Horn Park on the island's south coat. The blowhole shoots up to 50 feet in the air after waves crash into it. This sudden outflow if rom when the ocean flows under the lava shelf. During high tide and high surf is the best time to view the Spouting Horn.

The Spouting Horn is unique because of it's ability to force water up and into the air. Another hole nearby will only make a strange groan when water hits it. Ancient Hawaiian lore used to tell stories about a giant moo (lizard) that guarded this coastline and ate people or swam or fished too close to it. Apparently the story goes that the moo was trapped under the lava shelf after being tricked by a swimmer named Liko, and cries over its hunger pains.

The Spouting Horn is a unique part of Hawaiian history and legends that is educational and exciting to all.

Geological Feature
4430-4432 Lawai Road, Koloa, Kauai County, Hawaii, United States 96756
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