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  • Interesting Destination of Hawaiian Lore
  • A Fun Experience for the Family
  • A Photographic Opportunity
One of Kauai's natural wonders is the Spouting Horn, and can be seen at Spouting Horn Park on the island's south coat. The blowhole shoots up to 50 feet in the air after waves crash ... moreinto it. This sudden outflow if rom when the ocean flows under the lava shelf. During high tide and high surf is the best time to view the Spouting Horn.
The Spouting Horn is unique because of it's ability to force water up and into the air. Another hole nearby will only make a strange groan when water hits it. Ancient Hawaiian lore used to tell stories about a giant moo (lizard) that guarded this coastline and ate people or swam or fished too close to it. Apparently the story goes that the moo was trapped under the lava shelf after being tricked by a swimmer named Liko, and cries over its hunger pains.
The Spouting Horn is a unique part of Hawaiian history and legends that is educational and exciting to all.
Attraction, Beach, Geological Feature
  • Natural Piece of Hawaii's History
  • Boat Tours that are Fun for the Family
  • Take a Trip Through this Scenic River
This river is the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii. With an entire state park dedicated to it, it's a great destination for your visit. Fed by two main waterfalls, ... morethe waters are crystal clear and a site to behold. Rains from Mount Wai'ale'ale, the wettest location on EArth, also help feed this year with an estimated 480 inches of rain per year.
The legendary Fern Grotto of the Wailua River makes for a great, challenging trip for your vacation. Travel down the river to Fern Grotton and see the beauty of the natural habitat called the "Garden Isle" up close and personally. Take pictures so you can remember the moment forever and travel by either kayak or canoe. If you're not up for traveling on your own, feel free to look into the many boat tours that are available in the area. They'll take you to Fern Grotton as well. The boats are guaranteed to give you a full view of the beautiful scenery because they are open-aired.
This river valley once served as a capital of ancient Kauai and makes it a wonderful piece of Hawaiian natural and cultural history. Experience what was once a sacred place for the island's royalty, often called "alii". When visiting Hawaii this popular attraction through a lush river is a don't-miss spot.
Attraction, Geological Feature, Historic
boat tours
  • A Nice Scenic Drive
  • Guided Tours Inside and Out
  • The "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
One of Kauai's most stunning natural features is the Waimea Canyon. Being ten miles long and over half a mile deep this is the largest canyon in the Pacific. The valley gorges, craggy ... moreoutface, and rugged landscape makes it a must-see destination that's great for photos. Mark Twain once found this canyon to be grand enough to comment on after it made a very deep impression on him, he called it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".
A variet of tours are offered in and around the canyon. Learn the history that made it, how rains cascading down from Mount Wai'ale'ale's summit slowly carved the colorful layers of rock into the great geological feature seen today. Located within Kokee state park, which includes 45 miles of trails worth hiking, this canyon is a great location to put on the list when visiting Hawaii. Remember that trails are rated by difficulty and should be researched before being taken on. You'll find trails that are good for hikers of all skill level.
The main access road is the Walmea Canyon Drive and has several exotic lookout points. A jacket is recommended for the cooler temperatures. Don't forget the gas because there is no service station in this area, and no one wants to get stuck.
Attraction, Park, Scenic Lookout
Bathroom, Picnic tables
  • Stay at Koke'e Cabins
  • Scenic Lookouts and Great Coastlines
  • Amazing Mountain Views
When visiting Kauai, a must-see attraction is Waimea Canyon and Koke’e State Park. Waimea Canyon Drive, beginning in Waimea, is a great way to get there. This drive will merge into ... moreKoke’e Road when you get six miles in.
However, unlike Koke’e road, this is a very scenic drive that has a few curves but is easy and relaxed. Find wonderful lookout points while driving. Look out your window and see coastlines and various mountain landscapes. You can even find one stop where you can see a beautiful but small waterfall with Kauai’s red dirt surrounding it. Go another four miles to see the Waimea Canyon lookout and take in the great view.
The Waimea Canyon is 4,000 feet high, so bring a jacket because it’s a little cool. Stay overnight at Koke’e Cabins and bring warm clothing. Try visiting on a sunny day for the best weather, and most of all don’t forget the camera.
This curvy road to Waimea Canyon provides great views, fun lookouts, and great photo opportunities. With convenient places to stay and stretch your legs, the Waimea Canyon Drive is one of the best scenic drives in Hawaii.
Attraction, Geological Feature, Scenic Lookout, Scenic Road
  • Check out the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge
  • Once a Home to Chinese Rice Farmers
  • A Great Artist Venue
Meaning “crushed bay” in Hawaiian, Hanapepe is a great little town that has a lot to offer. This town’s slogan is the “Kauai’s Biggest Little”, and you’ll see it on their sign upon ... moreentering. Hanapepe is located around 18 miles west of Lihue.
Hanapepe has a history of growing rice in the 1800’s when the Chinese farmers moved to Hawaii. It turned into a large economic center of Kauai after the early 1900’s and WWII.
The artist scene really thrives in this town in Hawaii. You’ll find a very large concentration of artists throughout the city, and if you’re lucky you may even be able to take a little bit of Hawaiian street art home with you. You’ll find numerous bars and shops, theaters, and even three skating rinks that you can enjoy for a more city-like experience in Hawaii.
A don’t-miss in Hanapepe is the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge, leading across Hanapepe River. You’ll also find Salt Pond Beach Park nearby if you want to take a dip or go on a picnic.
Attraction, Town
  • Enjoy Koloa Heritage Trail
  • First Sugar Plantation Town in Hawaii
  • Enjoy Old Koloa Town
Known as Old Koloa Town, this town is growing into a tourist destination. Known as the first sugar plantation town in Hawaii, Koloa is certainly a part of Hawaii’s rich history. If ... moreyou’re curious what the old sugar mill looked like, go down the Koloa Heritage Trail where you can see what is left of the old sugar mill. Tour this trail to get a little bit more knowledge on the sugar plantation history.
With what will soon be a tourist destination, you’ll find a population of 2,144 people. Though, still relatively small, especially for the towns known in the US, this is a great place to take your family when visiting Hawaii. The trail is a relaxing walk that will provide great insight on early Koloa History. You’ll find stores where you can buy food and drinks for the trip, and look out your window to find beautiful ranches dotted with horses and other livestock.