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  • Snorkeling
  • Picnic at the beach
  • Enjoying various activities
A great location on the Windward coast, Kailua Beach attracts many visitors for its beautiful white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and the many different activities undertaken ... moreat the beach. It is often cited as Hawaii's beach and was ranked as the finest American beach in 1998. 2.5 miles long and some 50 to 150 in width, a steady trade wind that makes it the perfect destination for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. One of the prominent figures and first World Champion of windsurfing and Professional Windsurfers Association Hall of Fame inductee, Robby Naish, grew up in Kailua.

In close proximity from Kailua Beach are other islands. To the east are the islands of Mokulua, or "twin islands" and Lanikai Beach. On the west side is Kalama beach. Kailua Beach offers a great environment, family-friendly. The beach includes many facilities such as picnic area, showers, and parking space.

At Kailua town, restaurants and shops line up on the road toward the beach. The local cuisine is very delicious. President Obama treated his family to some shave ice which is something worth trying.

Snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, sailing are but some of the activities to undertake. While snorkeling, you can explore the coral reef and a diversity of marine life. Kailua Beach is a very popular touristic destination in Hawaii well known throughout the world. It is consistently rated as one of America's best beaches.
Beach, Neighborhood
Bathroom, Drinking water, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • USS Arizona memorial
  • Shrine room with the names of victims engraved on the walls
  • Sunken USS Arizona battleship
Japanese forces on the 7th of December 1941 made a sneak attack which crippled much of the United State Navy and abruptly brought the United State fully engaged into the Second World ... moreWar. The Pearl Harbor attack was undertaken when in need of oil and other raw materials, the Japanese engaged in a war against China in mid-1937 and other oil and mineral rich countries of the East Indies, and South East Asia has as allies Germany and Italy.

With peace negotiations ending in November 1941, the United State secret agency expected the Japanese to attack into the Indies, Malaya, and the Philippines but did not anticipate an attack east as well. Japanese aircraft carriers reached the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, launching an aerial strike that resulted in sinking 5 out of 8 US battleships, and the others badly damaged or sinking, the majority of the Hawaii-based combat planes were damaged and more than 2400 Americans lost their lives.

The USS Arizona memorial is part of World War II valor in the Pacific National Monument that commemorates the events of that day. 1,102 sailors and marines of the 1,177 crewmen of the USS Arizona were killed during the Pearl Harbor attack.

In 1949, the Pacific War Memorial Commission was created and charged to build a memorial which was erected on the site of the submerged hull. The memorial stands to represent the American pride before the war, the depression after the attack and the rise to new heights after the war.

Along side and perpendicularly docked to the USS Arizona is the USS Missouri. It was moved to Pearl Harbor from the west coast of the United State. On the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, the Japanese surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz of the United State army effectively ending World War II.

Each year, millions of visitors embark on the Pearl Harbor tour, which provide a whole day tour of four historic locations that includes, the USS Arizona memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and park admission, the Pacific Aviation Museum, and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.
Cultural, Historic, Memorial, Museum
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Lockers / storage, Parking
  • Pineapple garden maze
  • Insight on various fruits and plants grown in the region
  • Scenic tour of the surounding
Dole Plantation began in 1950 as it operated as a food stand. Since, it has become a very popular attraction on Oahu. Visitors of the Dole Pineapple Plantation can experience a fun ... moreday trip and learn about the history of pineapples in Hawaii. Everything from the agricultural aspect, the soil chemistry, and the tale of James Dole.

Dole Pineapple Plantation is but two miles away from the town of Haleiwa and a 45 minutes drive from Honolulu. The train ride to the plantation offers the opportunity or some scenic views which can leave you breathless.

The Pineapple Garden Maze, which obtained the spotlight in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest maze in the world can also be seen at Dole Plantation. Going through the maze made of green hedges, twists and turns can have you painfully seeking the way out! The maze covers more than two acres and incorporates 1.5 miles long.

Many different activities can be undertaken while at the plantation. The garden tour will have you explore many other plants and trees, some native to the region others brought to the country. They include, bananas, cacao, coffee, papaya, mango and lei flowers.

The plantation also has a visitor center where snacks and drinks can be obtained or simply for relaxing. A gift shop provides the perfect opportunity for obtaining pineapple-related gifts and other souvenirs. It is thought that the first pineapples were planted on the island when a shipwreck coming from Mexico brought with it plants, tools, garments and pineapples. From then on, Spanish explorers started growing pineapples and other fruits. Jim Dole, then pioneered the pineapple industry and established the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii.

Various activities are organized on the plantation subject to a small fee. Some of the activities even include a stop to Pearl Harbor or scenic excursions of the surrounding. Dole Pineapple Plantation is world famous and a distinct attraction of Oahu, Hawaii.
Botanical Garden, Cultural, Historic, Plantation / Ranch
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Parking, Wheelchair access
  • Favorite Location of Hollywood Directors
  • Home to Mountain Gorillas
  • Famous for Rambling Jungle Expeditions
Although, you've known Ka'a'awa Valley for decades yet is the most well-kept secret of Oahu. The valley has been one of the favorite locations of Hollywood directors and some of the ... moremost iconic movies such as the Jurassic Park, First Fifty Dates and George of the Jungle have been filmed here. Furthermore, the valley is also the home to mountain gorillas.

Ka'a'awa meets the Pacific Ocean at Kanenelu Beach just north of Kailu Town and Kaneohe Beach. The Kahana Valley is located just north of Ka'a'awa Valley. The Kahana Valley is famous across the Hawaii and United States for excellent snorkeling facilities and quite a charming bay. The beautiful valleys are separated only by a rock formation known as Crouching Lion.

It is quite a vast and beautiful valley and you can expect to indulge different types of activities once you are here. Kuala Ranch Tours and Activities explore both Ka'a'awa a and Kahana Valley in a variety of ways. Horseback riding, ATV excursions, catamaran ocean tours, and rambling jungle expeditions, and a visit to a secret Hawaiian fishpond are just some of the amazing activities you can partake in.
Ancient Hawaiians held the Ka’a'awa Valley as a sacred place of rest and royal training. Ka’a'awa Valley is a popular host for outdoor events. The area is a prime location for the Xterra Trail Running World Championship half-marathon, which usually takes place in December.
Cultural, Geological Feature, Hike, Historic, Scenic Lookout
Camping, Drinking water, Food for purchase, Showers
  • 80 Feet High Waterfall
  • Surrounded by Dense Forest and High Cliffs
  • Accessible Only through Helicopter
Sacred Falls is nestled in dense forest and surrounded by lush green vegetation and hill rocks. It gets its name from a massive 1,370-acre state park in which it is situated. It is ... morea beautiful and enchanting 80 high (24m) high waterfall that drops into a water pool below. Due to its unparalleled beauty, it was once the most popular waterfall in the entire Island of Oahu before an unforgettable tragedy struck in 1999.

On Mother's Day of 1999, a lot of people had gathered in the narrow Sacred Valley to celebrate the occasion when all of sudden, boulders and collapsed from surrounding cliffs collapsed into the valley. Due to the narrow track, people were unable to escape and as a result, 8 of them died at the spot and almost 50 were seriously injured. The Hawaiian government closed the park to the general public after that instances and there is no chance that it will open in near future. Therefore, the helicopter tour is the only way to site this beautiful fall.
  • 2 mile Scenic Hike
  • 500 foot Climb in Elevation
  • Ocean looks Turquoise from Here
Located within the 38-acre Makapuʻu Point State Wayside Park, is the Makapu'u Lookout. The trail leads from the former Coast Guard residential area to the summit on a relatively easy ... moresandy path.
From the summit, visitors can watch for whales from November to April using the provided telescope or their own binoculars. If it is a clear day, it is sometimes possible to see the blowholes on Makapu’u Head’s rocky shore from the summit. On almost any clear day, visitors can see magnificent sea cliffs, Visitors can also often see Makapu’u Beach Park, Rabbit Island, and Kaohikaipu Island.
Visitors to the park can also take another short hike to see the Makapu’u Lighthouse. This path starting near the same trailhead also offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.
Hike, Scenic Lookout, Landmark
  • Very fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding
  • Softball Field
  • Youth Volunteer Activities
An iconic landmark in the area, Koko Head Crater is a cone volcano that attracts people from all over the word. many people come to hike the trail which is short, but can be very tiresome. ... moreTo get to the top, you will have to climb some 1,048 rail road ties. It was built over 60 years ago as a pathway for supplying the military bunkers found at the top of the crater.
Climbing to the top is also a unique experience. Part of the trail requires pass by a 10 to 15 foot deep gully which is not for the faint hearted. An alternative route can be found to the right of the gully, if you are not that brave. Reaching the top of the crater, visitors are treated with one of the most magnificent views of the surrounding. Horse stables and a 60-acres Botanical Garden can also be found within the Koko Head Crater. Visitors have the opportunity to take horse riding lessons if they desires or admire the beautiful horses. They also can admire a diversity of tropical plants at the Botanical Garden. A wrench and other old rail road equipment dating from the times when the location was being used during the Pearl Harbor attack can also be seen.
Koko Head Crater is an inactive volcano. It is also known as Kohelepelepe which in Hawaiian means "Labia minor". The name derives from an ancient legend that says that, Kapo, one of the sisters of Pele, the volcano goddess, had a magical "flying vagina" which she could send anywhere. When Kamapua'a, the pig go, tried to rape Pele, Kapa came to help her and threw her vagina to Koko Head which then formed the crater.
When hiking the trail, you should have with you plenty of water, some sunscreen, and wear some good shoes. Hiking in the morning hours is best since the sun is not too hot then.
Attraction, Hike, Park, Scenic Lookout, Landmark
Bathroom, Drinking water, Parking, Picnic tables
  • Very beautiful scenery
  • Nice clear and warm water perfect for paddle boarding
  • Turtles and hammerhead sharks
Kane'ohe Bay is a sheltered body of water in the mainland Hawaiian island. It is located on the windward, northwest coast of Oahu. About 8 miles (12.8km), it's a reef-dominated embayment ... morethat provides a spectacular view and lots of recreational features. Visitors come to the sandbar island by boat. It is often not crowded. At the backdrop, the Ko'olau Mountains and Chinaman's hat offers picture perfect opportunity. The water is warm and very clear, there are also no waves. The area is great for kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling or just enjoy the sand and coral beach. Several beaches surround the area, you can find a nice cozy spot where you have all the privacy you want and enjoy the serenity. Many local residents with boats find the location also as the perfect place for having a barbecue.

Kane'ohe Bay consist of five islets, the sandbar (Ahu o Laka), Kekepa (Turtleback rock), Kapapa, are islets on the reef barrier. Two prominent islands are found within Kane'ohe Bay, Mokoli'i (Chinaman's hat) and Moku o Lo'e (coconut island). Dozen of popular and TV series had been made in the Bay, Pearl Harbor and Gilligan's island and 50 first date are among the most. The location was also chosen by the Hawaiian Chief to build their sacred fishponds. The sandbar in Kane'ohe Bay appears during low tide and during high tides it is completely submerged under water.

Kane'ohe Bay is also a breeding ground for hammerhead sharks. Thousands are born on the island every year, marine scientists from all over the world come to the bay to study the sharks who spend their first few months in the shallow waters before swimming out to deeper waters. The sharks can grow to a length of 13 feet. Turtles can also be seen swimming near the bay.

Kane'ohe Bay does is not ideal for swimming, the bay is mostly visited for the extraordinary view and for relaxing. The bay is protected from the strong trade winds induced waves by a large barrier reef. The result is that the conditions make it perfect for the growth of patch reefs and fringe reefs throughout the bay. There are no facilities in the islets, but the beaches on the main islands, Mokoli'i and Coconut island, there can be found a few facilities such as showers, picnic tables.
Picnic tables, Showers
  • Climbing to the top of the coned shaped outcropping
  • Exploration the caves
  • Enjoying the beach
Chinaman's Hat is a small island about 12.5 acres off the coast of Oahu. The peculiar name has been given because of its shape which looks like a Chinese hat. The island's true name ... moreis Mokoli'i which means "little lizard" in Hawaiian. Mokoli'i used to be part of mainland Oahu, but became separated from the mainland through erosion.

The island is a perfect location for relaxing and enjoying the beach. It attracts a number of visitors, tourists and locals, who come there for curiosity, to explore the surrounding, or who seek some privacy. Chinaman's Hat is only accessible by boat, surfboard, kayak, or by swimming if you have endurance as it is not that far from the mainland.

According the Hawaiian legend, Mokoli'i had been created by Hi'iaka, sister of the Goddess of fire Pele, who hunted a dangerous dragon and placed the fins of the dragon in the ocean as a landmark. The body of the dragon she used in the lowland of the mountain to make a pathway, then ran around the edge of Oahu.

Chinaman's Hat is one of Oahu's best offshore islands. The reef around the island supports abundant marine life. The island can be seen from Oahu's coast. The cone shaped outcropping which also gave it its nickname was formed by a flow of lava. Small secluded beaches can be found on the island. Small caves carved out of lava and the steep volcanic cone is perfect for exploration. It can take about 20 minutes to climb the cone shape and can be very strenuous and quite tricky.
Beach, Hike, Offshore Island
  • Movie of the attack at Pearl Harbor
  • Shrine with the names of victims engraved on the walls
  • The sunken USS arizona
On December 7, 1941 many of the 1,177 crewmen of the USS Arizona perished when Japanese Naval Forces launched an attack at Pearl Harbor. At the location of the sunken ship, a 184-foot-long ... moreMemorial had been built that spans from the midsection of the battleship. The USS Arizona memorial is part of World War II valor of the Pacific National Monument.

Visitors at the memorial can embark on a tour which includes a movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor, and a boat ride to the memorial. The memorial itself is made up of three sections: an entry room, an assembly room, and an area reserved for ceremonies and general observation. Also included is a shrine room with marble walls on which engraved are the names of those killed during the Pearl Harbor attack.

The memorial had been built in honor of the victims at Pearl Harbor. The first suggestions were expressed in 1943 but not until 1949 had steps being taken for its realization when the territory of Hawaii established a Pacific War Memorial Commission. Construction of the memorial was completed in 1961, the result mostly of public funding and private donations. In 1962, the memorial was dedicated.

The design of the memorial by architect, Alfred Preis, is intended to indicate the initial defeat and then the ultimate victory. The structure sags in the middle, but stands strong and vigorous at the extremities. Visitors are overwhelmed with a sense of serenity which engages a person's personal reflection and innermost feelings.

The USS Arizona memorial had its initial recognition in 1950 on the ninth anniversary of the attack when Admiral Arthur Radford, Commander in Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) had a flagpole erected over the sunken ship. At the base of the flagpole was placed a commemorative plaque. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose leadership had been crucial for the allies victory during World War II, acknowledges the creation of the memorial in 1958.

The USS Arizona is no longer in commission, contrary to popular belief. The United State flag flies on the mainmast of the sunken ship as a tribute to those who lost their lives during the attack at Pearl Harbor.
Cultural, Historic, Memorial, Museum
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Lockers / storage, Parking, Wheelchair access