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  • Pineapple garden maze
  • Insight on various fruits and plants grown in the region
  • Scenic tour of the surounding
Dole Plantation began in 1950 as it operated as a food stand. Since, it has become a very popular attraction on Oahu. Visitors of the Dole Pineapple Plantation can experience a fun ... moreday trip and learn about the history of pineapples in Hawaii. Everything from the agricultural aspect, the soil chemistry, and the tale of James Dole.

Dole Pineapple Plantation is but two miles away from the town of Haleiwa and a 45 minutes drive from Honolulu. The train ride to the plantation offers the opportunity or some scenic views which can leave you breathless.

The Pineapple Garden Maze, which obtained the spotlight in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest maze in the world can also be seen at Dole Plantation. Going through the maze made of green hedges, twists and turns can have you painfully seeking the way out! The maze covers more than two acres and incorporates 1.5 miles long.

Many different activities can be undertaken while at the plantation. The garden tour will have you explore many other plants and trees, some native to the region others brought to the country. They include, bananas, cacao, coffee, papaya, mango and lei flowers.

The plantation also has a visitor center where snacks and drinks can be obtained or simply for relaxing. A gift shop provides the perfect opportunity for obtaining pineapple-related gifts and other souvenirs. It is thought that the first pineapples were planted on the island when a shipwreck coming from Mexico brought with it plants, tools, garments and pineapples. From then on, Spanish explorers started growing pineapples and other fruits. Jim Dole, then pioneered the pineapple industry and established the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii.

Various activities are organized on the plantation subject to a small fee. Some of the activities even include a stop to Pearl Harbor or scenic excursions of the surrounding. Dole Pineapple Plantation is world famous and a distinct attraction of Oahu, Hawaii.
Botanical Garden, Cultural, Historic, Plantation / Ranch
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Parking, Wheelchair access
  • Scenic view of the surrounding
  • Spotting humpback whales and the Hawaiian green turtles
  • Great for diving when the water is calm
The Halona Blow-hole located on the island of Oahu off of Hanauma Bay is a rock formation and a blow-hole formed by underwater lava which took the form of a tube and has an opening ... moreon both sides of it. As the ocean water enters the tube, the pressure increases as the tube narrows such that the water shoots upward into the air sometimes to a high of 30 feet or more. The Halona Blow-hole is a popular attraction. The location is very scenic, there are steep cliffs and fantastic views.

The blow-hole is most active during high tide. It is also the best location to go and look out for humpback whales or Honu (the Hawaiian green turtle). When there is no surf and a light northerly wind blowing, diving is possible along the coast. If the waves are breaking, it is recommended to dive elsewhere. The tidal change produces very strong currents known as 'Molokai Express" that can drag a person out to sea. Some persons have lost their life trying to sit on the blow-hole or trying to hold parts of their body into the stream of water. The area is quite dangerous, so it is best to be careful and stay at the lookout point and enjoy the view from a safe distance.

The Hawaiian name Halona means "peering place". On a very nice day, the view can be very fantastic. From far off on the horizon, the islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai can be seen. To the right of the blow-hole is located Halona Cove, a small sandy beach that is perfect for swimming when the surf is calm. The site is also known for the famous love scene of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the film "From here to eternity".
Attraction, Geological Feature
  • Very nice for strolls
  • Great for picnic
  • Great for camping
Waimanalo Beach Park covers five miles on the windward side of Oahu. The beach has beautiful white sand, the ocean water is crystal clear, it attracts visitors and locals alike as ... moreit is considered as one of one of the best beaches in the area. All along the beach makes for the perfect setting for taking a stroll. Ironwood trees line up all along the beach providing plenty of shade. The beach is at the foot of the Koolau Mountain range that offers the perfect backdrop for pictures.

Waimanalo Beach Park is most popular for sunbathing, swimming, picnics, camping, and beach walks. The reef provides a natural shield from the surf, but beyond the reef is great body boarding and surfing spot. Caution must be taken when entering the water because often the shore break can be quite powerful. During the winter period, if you are camping, bring along a light jacket because when the wind is blowing, it can be quite chilly.

The beach is often empty during weekdays, but can get crowded on weekends. Underwater the view can be quite magnificent, Beautiful coral reef and marine life makes for the perfect snorkeling opportunity. Snorkels would often trick the fish to come out of their hiding place by standing still for a few minutes. The fish are very friendly and often would swim very close.

Waimanalo Beach was the location where Magnum P.I. was filmed. Famous author James Michener wrote the novel Waimanalo taking inspiration from the beach. The beach is also a favorite place for couples recently married. The scenic surrounding makes for very nice wedding pictures.
Beach, Park
Bathroom, Camping, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • Cliff jumping
  • The lizard rock
  • Beautiful scenery
La'ie Point State Wayside Park is found on the northeastern shore of Oahu. Its a small park about 1.5 which includes a rocky point and five small islands. One of the islands, Kukuihoolua ... moreIslet, has a very interesting large natural arch, on another island, Mokualai Islet, locals have constructed a rock structure. The beach park offers a scenic view of the north shore and of the five islands (Kihewamoku, Moku'auia, Pulemoku, Kukuiho'olua and Mokualai). La'ie Point State Wayside Park offers the perfect spot to relax, have a picnic, enjoy the scenery which includes volcanic stones and nice vegetation. The spot is also very good for fishing. Swimming is possible but often extreme sport is practiced with visitors looking for some excitement jumping off from the top of cliffs to the ocean.

One of the main attractions is the naturally formed arch or "Lizard Rock" as it is called because it looks like a lizard. The arch has a hole punched through it which was done in 1946 during a tsunami. The rock itself has a legend which says that a giant lizard once patrolled that section of the ocean. The lizard, Laniloa, battle a certain man by the name of Kana. The man won the battle despite the reputation of the lizard of having killed many passersby. Kana then divided the body of the lizard into five sections which are now the five islands.

The beach of La'ie Point State Wayside Park is a little bit more sheltered than some others. The water is not rough during the summer can become agitated in the winter. Man jumps off cliffs, but you should also make certain that you are a good climber since climbing back is quite tricky. There is limited parking available, no lifeguards and no facilities.

When at La'ie Point State Wayside Park, there are many attractions such as the La'ie Mormon temple or the Polynesian Cultural center. You can also hike to La'ie falls. The trail is almost steep and rugged and is not for everyone. Gunstock Ranch often organizes guided tours which will take you to lengthy and enjoyable trot around the ocean-side scenery.
Beach, Park
  • Koko crater
  • Look out for humpback whales and turtles
  • Diving and swimming
Halona Beach Cove on the south-eastern shore of Oahu at the foot of Koko Crater is a beach that gained popularity after the shooting of the movie "From here to eternity" on the location ... morein 1953. The beach is small and sandy pocketed on three side by steep, jagged lava rock. The site offers an ideal location for swimming but caution must be taken and not attempt swimming when the surf is rough. Outside of the protected area, the current can often be quite strong and the water turbulent.

The beach is hidden from view from the parking. Access requires going down a steep path. Although the path is easy, care should be taken as the rocks are slippery and sharp. You should always wear shoes has you hike the rocks to reach the beach. There are no lifeguards or any facilities except for parking.

During the winter season, the location is the ideal place for spotting humpback whales as they go on their journey leaving the North Pacific. Hawaiian green turtles can also be seen swimming about. With light northerly winds blowing on the surf, diving is possible but should not be undertaken when the wave is breaking. The tidal waves change erratically forming strong current known as Moloka'i that can drag divers out to sea.

Just a few walking distance from the beach is Koko crater which is a massive cinder cone that visually dominates the area. Horse stables can be found within the crater. West of the beach cove is a rocky point known as Bamboo ridge. The location is a popular fishing spot since the 1920's. The name was given after the fisherman bamboo fishing poles which could be seen along the edge of the cliff in the past.
Beach, Geological Feature, Historic
  • Hale'iwa boat harbor
  • Fantastic surf break
  • Kayaking, diving, boating
The Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park is among the beaches on the north shores of Oahu that provide some of the best surf breaks. It makes up a strip known by many surfers as the "seven mile ... moremiracle". The site provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to surf on quiet days, but during the surf break, expert experience is necessary to be able to ride the wave.

The beach is located just west of Haleiwa's small boat harbor. The park, some 19 acres offers residents and tourists the perfect environment for spending time at the beach. There is a large grassy area perfect for a picnic or barbecue and enjoying other beach sport. Swimming is also possible, but the beach is much more suitable for fishing, kayaking, diving and boating. Haleiwa Ali'i is a public beach accessible to anyone. It is quite clean and tidy and only about a 45 minute drive from downtown Honolulu.

Haleiwa beach on the eastern side has a seawall which is unique in the north shore. In close proximity is Haleiwa town where shops and restaurants can be found and also provide the possibility for sightseeing. The beach has many different facilities including a children's playground, and family picnic area and parking access.
Alii in Hawaiian means royal hence the name of the park, Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park, sometimes is called Royals Beach. Places of interest near the park include; Haleiwa town, the small boat harbor, the Waianae Mountain Range, and more.
Beach, Surf Break
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers, Recreation Center