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  • Festival in Haleiwa town
  • The shops, galleries, and restaurants
  • Haleiwa town
A great destination, particularly for water sport lovers, Haleiwa Town has much to offer. It can be reached in under an hour's drive from Honolulu International Airport and Waikiki. ... moreIt is located on the north shores of Oahu island. The town grew out of the inspiration of business man, Benjamin J Dillingham, who about a century ago opened a lodge in the middle of nowhere and named it Haleiwa meaning " House of Iwa"

His plan which involved placing railway tracks for transportation of products from his sugar plantation was to capitalize on his investment with a hotel where visitors would come to spend quality time and enjoy the nearby beach. Residents and visitors rode the train for years as the town grew, it adopted the name Haleiwa.

The old plantation town continues to welcome visitors from all over the world, even though the hotel is no longer. In 1984, it was designated as an historic, cultural, and scenic district.

The town provides a laid back environment, with shops, restaurants, galleries, and the perfect ambiance for spending quality time, taking advantage of the beach nearby and enjoying various water sports, or having an exciting and wonderful experience at Oahu north shores. The town offers various attractions and many different types of activities such as: Golf, gliding, hiking/biking, kayaking, skydiving, horseback riding, surfing and much more.

You will also be able to dine in some great restaurants offering fantastic Hawaiian cuisine, have the opportunity to learn the history and culture of the region from the Polynesian Cultural Center, visit places of interest such as Waimea Valey. Haleiwa town has lots on offer for enjoying Hawaii and the Pacific.
Cultural, Historic, Town
  • Spectalar moments watching The Eddie competition
  • Jumping of the Waimea cliff
  • Body boarding and snorkeling
Waimea Bay has become renowned worldwide since the 1950's when adventurous surfers challenged the powerful waves that forms on its coast, hence giving birth to the big wave-riding ... morephenomenon. Waves at Waimea Bay can reach 20 feet or more in height. Surfers from all over the world gather at the location in the months of November through February, the big wave season, to take part in the thrill and excitement.

Waimea Bay is home to the Quicksilver competition, in honor of Eddie Aikau, a legendary Hawaiian Waterman. The Quiksilver contest only takes place during massive swells. Several other famous competitions take place at Waimea Bay or the beaches in the vicinity. One such competition is the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing also known as the Super Bowl of surfing which happens between the months of November and December.

Despite being renowned for the big waves and surfing competitions at its beach, Waimea Bay is also a beautiful place to enjoy the beach. During the summer months, the water is calm and give the perfect opportunity to swim in the crystal clear blue waters or undertake any other water activities such as canoeing, scuba-diving, wind surfing and more.

Exploring the surrounding is another experience. Not far is the town of Haleiwa with shops and restaurant. A botanical garden and cultural attraction can be found nearby in Waimea valley and is home to very beautiful Waimea Falls. Waimea Bay nevertheless, still attracts surfers from all over the world seeking excitement and adventure and to take part in the most famous competitions in surfing.
In other seasons, the beach provides the perfect conditions for body boarding or body surfing. Another activity that is often undertaken is cliff diving from the popular 'Waimea cliff".

Overlooking Waimea Bay Beach Park is the Saints Peter and Paul Church, a popular landmark on the North Shores of Oahu. It can easily be seen from the beach. Humpback whales and dolphins can also be spotted particularly at dawn from the beach. The beach also has a nice grassy area, which is great for playing football or just relaxing in the shade of trees when it is too hot.

Nearby Waimea Bay Beach Park is also other attractions such as the Botanical garden home to the beautiful Waimea Falls. The town of Haleiwa is also not very far when shop, restaurant provides the opportunity to have some wonderful time. You may also want to try the famous cool shave ice.
Beach, Park, Scenic Lookout
Bathroom, Drinking water, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • A Fun and Refreshing Waterfall Swim
  • A Short and Easy Yet Sensational Hike
  • Beautiful Botanical Garden
As the highlight of Waimea Valley, the 45-foot tall Waimea Falls offers the amazing experience of swimming at a Hawaiian waterfall. Mountain waters rumble down a rocky cliff into a ... morecool pond where you can escape the hot Hawaiian sun. A short hike through lush Hawaiian rainforest will have you seeing native plants and flowers, native sites, and much more! Snap amazing photos of plants you can only find in Hawaii, and learn about the wealth of cultural history that can be found on the way to the breathtaking Waimea Falls.

2 million years of wind and rain helped carve out Waimea Valley where the majestic Waimea Falls sits. Ancient Hawaiians grew crops in the fertile soils of the valley, and ancient temples, or Heiaus, were first introduced in this area around the 12th century. The area of Waimea on Oahu was once a very spiritual place to ancient Hawaiians, and is one of the few places where you can experience Hawaii’s rich cultural past! Ancient Hawaiians used Waimea Falls for ancient games of skill by climbing the slippery rocks of the falls and for breath-holding contests!
Bathroom, Drinking water, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Parking
  • Great for surfing very powerful waves
  • Beautiful coral reef, nice for snorkeling
  • Swimming
Sunset beach on the north shore of Oahu offers a combination of nice surfing conditions, beautiful sun and soft nice sand at the beach. The sand is golden, and there are palm trees ... morethat line up the beach providing shade. In the summer the water is calm and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. A tide pool also can be seen where people often collect shells and observe marine life. The best place to snorkel is in the offshore tide pool around the protected area of the beach.

The winter period is most active. Many surfers converge to Sunset beach which is a world famous beach. Waves can reach 30 feet high, there are very powerful currents. The currents known as Sunset Rip runs on every big swell. Many well known international surfing competitions take place at the beach. Sunset Beach is not the place for beginners. The powerful current sucks back the water with great force that it could potentially hurl inexperienced surfers deep into the ocean.

Sunset Beach is about 2 miles long not very far to two other popular surfing beaches, Ehukai Beach and the Banzai pipeline. The powerful current is such that you may enter the water in a certain area, and just a few minutes later find yourself further down the beach. There are different amenities including lifeguards. Sunset beach is also a very nice place for watching the sunset, which is also the reason the beach was given the name Sunset Beach.
Beach, Park
Bathroom, Lifeguards, Parking, Showers
  • Very big Hawaiian green sea turtles
  • Paddling to the surf point
  • Snorkeling with turtles
Laniakea Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, is found on the North shore of Oahu. The beach attracts visitors who come to watch the turtles basking in the sun. On some rare occasions, ... moreon other beaches of Oahu, turtles can be spotted on the ocean but you have to be lucky. Laniakea Beach almost is most of the time full of turtles. They come to the beach and do not seem to mind the people who are taking pictures of them.

Laniakea Beach has become a bit more crowded in recent year. Lots of tour buses come to the location as they are going to other attractions. Parking can be found right across the beach. The green sea turtle is protected under the federal Endangered Species Act in Hawaii. Care should be taken therefore when admiring them as it is illegal to chase, hunt,handle, harass or injure them in any way. The turtle has probably come to this particular beach since there is a seaweed that grows on its shore which they enjoy eating.

Laniakea Beach is quite small and has a rocky shelf. A strong rip current often forms on the west side of the beach when the surf is up. Laniakea is also an entry point for surfers who use the location to get to the offshore surf sites of Laniakea, Himalayas and Hultin's. Laniakea beach has very nice and is good for sunbathing. Even if the main reason water sport lovers use Laniakea Beach is for surfing, the beach still offers nice opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. The green turtles are quite friendly and often will allow people to swim and snorkel in the water with them. You should almost try and give the turtle at least 10 feet of space when swimming with them and not block their path. You should never ride on it or sit on it.
  • Watching the pipeline
  • Riding the pipeline
  • Braving the wave
The Banzai Pipeline is well known among surfers and found at Ehukai Beach. It literally is a surfing break that takes the shape of a tube. The reef break occurs when ocean waves start ... moreto break as they reach the shallows of a reef. They form caverns on the inside, hence creating giant air bubbles that pop in front of the wave as it lurches upward just before breaking.

Four types of waves are associated with the Banzai Pipeline. The most commonly surfed, the left (meaning that the wave breaks from the left from the perspective of persons watching on shore), the peak occurs when the reef is hit by a north swell (the highest tipping point of the wave when it begins to curl). The peak becomes an A-framed wave as the pipe starts to close out a bit and peeling to the left. The Backdoor pipeline is also quite famous and occurs as the pipe is peeling away to the right simultaneously.

The Banzai Pipeline or simply "Pipeline" or "Pipe" is considered the world's deadliest wave. Many surfers have lost their life trying to ride the wave. The take off zone (the location where the surfer needs to be to catch the wave) is quite small. Many surfers congregate there as it is breaking large. Three reefs activate in progressively deeper waters at Pipeline depending on the increasing size of the approaching ocean swell.

The name Banzai Pipeline derives from the name of the beach (Banzai Beach) and the surf break (Pipeline) which has been combined. The name Pipeline was first used in December 1961 as movie producer Bruce Brown filmed at the location. Mike Diffenderfer, a surfer in the movie production, made the suggestion to name the break 'Pipeline'. The name was used in Brown's movie "Surfing Hollow Days".
Beach, Surf Break
  • Riding some of the biggest waves in the world
  • The Kahanamoku Classic Surfing competition
  • The O'Neil World Cup of Surfing competition
The north shores of Oahu offers some fantastic opportunities for enjoying various water sports on some of the best beaches in the world. Sunset beach in particular is world famous ... morefor having some of the most monstrous waves that can be surfed upon. Sunset beach is the widest beach on the island of Oahu and spans some two miles in length.

The surf season generally begins in the winter period, from October through May. In the summer, the water is calm and mostly enjoyed for swimming. Surfing at Sunset beach necessitates adequate experience as it can be quite dangerous for inexperienced surfers because of coral formations near the surface that can potentially cause injury. The current is also very powerful that it sucks backwaters with immense power which can potentially pull inexperienced surfers deep into the ocean. The best waves for surfing occurs during the months of December and January. Various contests are held throughout the year such as the O'Neil, World Cup of Surfing competition, or the Duke Kahanamoku Classic Surfing competition.

Many different amenities can be found on the beach such as showers, restrooms, parking, and vendors selling cold drinks and snacks. Surrounding Sunset beach are attractions, restaurants, galleries, surf shops including the North Shore Surf & Cultural Museum and the North Shore Marketplace.
Bathroom, Equipment rentals, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers