Nu'upia Ponds

  • Eight enclosed ponds on the Mokapu Peninsula
  • Located withing a Navy Base
  • SaveHabitat for Endangered Hawaiian kukuluae'o

Historically, the Nu’upia Ponds is one of the most significant fishponds and a lot ancient legends and tell of them. They are located on the Oahu’ southwestern shore on the Mokapu Peninsula. Some of these legends state that the Hawaiian Gods Kane, Lono and Kaneloa created the first man out of the red and bluish-black soil. Similarly, many of the ancient burial sites have been found and excavated in the area surrounding these ponds.

The Nu’upia ponds was actually a group of three different ponds that separated the island from the peninsula. Alongside Nu’upia, two other were Halekou and Kaluapuhi. Visitors can still sight some of their walls that stands in their original shape. However, the number of ponds have increased from 3-8 that are Nu'upia Ekahi, Nu'upia Elua, Nu'upia Ekolu, Nu'upia Eha, Halekou, Heleloa, Pa'akai and Kaluapuhi.

The basic purpose of these ponds was to collect salt deposits from them for daily use. Similarly, these ponds also serve as a habitat for the endangered Hawaiian black-necked stilt (kukuluae'o).

Geological Feature
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