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North Shore Off Road Adventure

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ATV / Jeep
  • Private Property- exclusive trails & roads
  • Hawaiian Guides- cultural Insight, authentic experience
  • Small Groups- safe, engaging, & enjoyable
Access to private land
Bottled water
Dry Bag
Mosquito repellant
Professional Tour Guide
Rain gear
Hiking stick & Sunblock
Huaka’i Iki ~ The Little Adventure-

This fun little adventure has it all: scenic views, exotic plants, and refreshing mountain streams. The "Iki" starts off with a 7-mile off-road ride to the trailhead and continues with a hike through unspoiled natural beauty rarely witnessed by Oʻahu visitors. Hikers will scale windswept ridges, forge freshwater streams, and trek through verdant tropical valleys. See wild bananas, guava, bamboo thickets, scented gingers, and other spectacular rainforest plants. Revel in Hawaii's fascinating history, culture, and ancient mythology as shared by an expert Hawaiian guide. If that's not enough, how about a rejuvenating swim in a private mountain pool? End your hike with a light gourmet lunch and this experience will have you smiling all the way home. This is the best little trail on the island and the perfect way to experience Oʻahu.

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Tour Details:

Menu selections: Haleʻiwa chicken, ʻOpaeʻula shrimp, or Vegetarian tofu summer roll.

Pick-up site: North Shore Marketplace (66-250 Kamehameha Hwy.) in Haleʻiwa town on Oʻahu’s North Shore (See map). There is ample parking at the mall and public restrooms. Look for our off-road vehicle near the Aloha General Store. Please report to the Haleʻiwa pick-up site no later than 8:50am (10 minutes before tour start).

Tour includes: 4wd transportation to and from Haleʻiwa town, a knowledgeable guide, hiking sticks, mosquito repellent, sunblock, backpacks, dry bags, rain ponchos, water, lite-gourmet lunch.

What to wear/bring: covered shoes, long pants, swimwear, personal medication (if applicable), and a smile.

Optional items worth bringing: camera, towel, “slippahs” (flip-flops) or water shoes/reef walkers, snacks, light jacket, sunglasses, and hat.

Caution: Although this trail is safe, please remember that it is an actual mountain trail. As such, hikers can expect exposure to: rain, streams, sunshine, wind, and/or high humidity. Trail conditions include: slippery stream crossings, loose gravel, slick mud, and cliffy sections. This trail has an elevation gain of 200ft. thus all hikers must be able to traverse up and downhill sections. This trail is not suitable for the elderly or people with: hip and/or knee ailments; 
vertigo; or an extreme fear of heights. This trail has many stream crossings – YOU WILL GET WET – so be prepared for wet clothes/shoes and be mindful of personal electronics. As “hike ratings” are relevant to a hiker’s physical condition, please inquire first before booking if you or anyone in your party has any medical conditions that may affect his/her ability to safely negotiate a mountain trail. All guests are required to sign a waiver & release form prior to the start of their tour. Please note that hiking tours require an off-road ride to the trailhead. During rain and/or muddy conditions riders can get dirty – please DON'T wear your favorite aloha shirt!

Special Feature:
Some Places Visited
Huaka’i Iki ~ The Little AdventureAdult
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While we can usually accommodate most last-minute bookings, we highly encourage those that are checking out our website far in advance to book 2-3 weeks prior to desired date. You never know if there's a convention, special event, or an increase in overall visitors in town, and it would be a shame if the activities that you want to do are sold out because you waited until the last minute. Basically, if you know you want to do it, just book it!
Most companies have a set of centrally located hotels that they do pick ups from. This makes the pickup process short so you can start the tour as soon as possible!
Gratuity is never required but if you enjoyed your experience, a tip is always greatly appreciated!
Since we operate on private property no other company can show you O’ahu (Oahu) nature like us. We guarantee all guests a secluded and truly unique experience. Private property also means controlled access which results in minimal environmental impact and therefore pristine natural landscapes. The bottom line is that no other company can provide what North Shore EcoTours can. Most companies visit places and trails that are already accessible to the public, such as Diamond Head or Manoa Falls, resulting in an experience that is available to everyone. It also means greater foot traffic, which translates to noise pollution and lots of trash. With North Shore EcoTours, you are guaranteed an experience that no one else can offer and a promise that your special tour belongs to you and only you. Our “guides” are not the typical tour guides found within the tourism industry. North Shore EcoTours features cultural practitioners, Native Hawaiians, and Hawaiian educators that present Hawaiian history and environment from a “Native perspective.” Our alakaʻi (guides) posses a wide range of talent, skill, and cultural understanding. Many hold advanced degrees in either Hawaiian studies or related disciplines. Others are cultural practitioners with expertise ranging from hula (dance) to lomilomi (massage) to lā’au lapa’au (medicinal herbs), and more. All guides are 100% local and collectively provide the highest quality and most authentic cultural information in the industry. This is as real as it gets! Many tour companies have guides that are well trained in history and “tourism facts.” Although highly knowledgeable, many are not Native Hawaiian or have no roots to O’ahu (Oahu) or any island. As a result, other companies cannot guarantee authentic cultural experiences. North Shore EcoTours proudly features Hawaiian guides for “Hawaiian tours.” Say Aloha to a beast of an off-road vehicle that makes other 4x4s look like child’s play – the world renown Pinzgauer ATV is arguably the best off-road vehicle ever produced. Ours come directly out of the Swiss Military arsenal so you know they are rugged and have proven themselves in some of the most treacherous mountain terrain around. These open aired “Hawaiian safari mobiles” will turn your North Shore visit into an exciting outdoor expedition! The Pinzgauer is in a class by itself and will guarantee all guests ultimate views and ultimate fun! Most companies utilize vans or mini busses that provide an enclosed air conditioned ride. That’s nice and all, but they can’t go where the Pinzgauer can. Furthermore, when traversing nature and the great outdoors, an open air all-terrain safari vehicle is really the only way to go! Intimate groups promote safety and learning, which means an overall richer experience for everyone. They help foster a wonderful learning environment where guests can hear the information and participate in discussions. Smaller groups are also more effectively managed and thus ensure a safer hiking experience. And let’s not forget that less feet means less environmental impact, ensuring pristine conditions for nature seekers today and generations to come. In this case, “less is definitely more.” Due to the size of many tour operations, other companies are unable to offer the same level of service, safety, quality of information, and environmental care. We do not claim to “know it all” we specialize in one geographic location and only one, Waiʻalua (North Shore), Oʻahu (Oahu). We therefore offer the most in-depth and highest quality information on the cultural traditions, history, and natural environment of the North Shore area. Many companies expand their tour operations to encompass the entire island. Visitors therefore receive a “LITTLE of everything” and most times never get a true sense of the places they visit. Since Oahu’s North Shore community, culture, history, and environment is our main focus, with North Shore EcoTours, you get insight into a special place that canʻt be found anywhere else.
Small groups ensure safer hiking experiences. Each guide is CPR and first aid certified. They are also equipped with a first aid kit and both a cell phone and handheld CB for communication purposes.
Rain ensures that plants live, streams flow, and off-road mud bogging can occur. :) Our tours go out rain or shine; rain ponchos are provided. * North Shore Eco Tours reserves the right to cancel tours in the rare event of adverse weather resulting in unsafe hiking conditions. We assess weather daily and will only make these types of decisions on a day to day basis.
Covered shoes are a must on all hikes and are highly recommended on off-road tours as well. Guests that participate on either the Huakaʻi Iki and Huakaʻi Nui hikes will get wet and should bring water shoes or rubber sandals (for stream crossings), a towel, and extra clothes. Snacks for the kids are good. Personal medication if any, is a must. A camera…charged and ready to go.
The parking location is in the North Shore Marketplace parking lot. It is Haleiwa’s largest mall and is located on the main road with high visibility and a roving security guard. * North Shore Eco Tours and North Shore Marketplace are not responsible for any stolen items or damaged vehicles due to break-ins. Please do not leave any valuables in your car and keep bags and other items out of sight.
North Shore Eco Tours offers lite, healthy, Asian summer rolls on all of our hiking adventures. These refreshing lunches feature locally grown produce and are a perfect accompaniment to any physical outdoor activity.
We do offer the same type of Asian summer rolls, as mentioned above, that are vegetarian with tofu.
There are lots of trees. :) In other words, do your business at the North Shore Marketplace pick-up site prior to tour departure.
Safety is our main concern. Despite taking every precaution to provide a safe hiking environment, we require signed waivers for a couple of reasons. First, so the guest is aware of the inherent risk involved in typical outdoor activities. Second, to serve as a precaution to protect ourselves. These waivers are similar to ones required from every eco-tour operation on Oahu.
Payment & Cancellation
Cancellation Policy: Standard Policy
  • Cancellations made 2 days before Date & Time will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
Terms & Conditions
  • See booking page for exact terms, conditions, & cancellation policy details
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Was the tour accurately described on the webiste? In other words did it meet your expectations?
(5.0 of 5)
This was the highlight of a week long first time trip to Hawaii! Great guide and a wonderful experience. Learned so much about culture, history, language, and the natural beauty of Hawaii!
Huaka’i Iki ~ The Little Adventure with Big Impact
Definitely the highlight of our 9 days in Hawaii. All 3 of us had the experience of a lifetime with Keola. Right from the get go - the chant before entering the trail - we knew we were in for something different.  Gorgeous landscape to be able to hike through, and Keola is such a wealth of information about the flora/ fauna/ history/ traditions/ etc. of Hawaii. The vegan lunch option was excellent.
Keola and the gang at North Shore Ecotours know their stuff!
Our entire day was filled with information about Hawaiian customs, flora/fauna and traditions. Born and raised in Hawaii, I was pleasant surprised at how much I learned! If I could some the Huakai iki trail up in three words it would be: FUN, breath taking and cultural! We started off the hike with Keola doing an oli (chant) asking the Gods for permission to be on their land. As we waited to begin ... morethe hike we all felt a huge gush if wind, our sign that we were allowed to enter. Along the trail, you will be able to see plants that are scarce in Oahu but more often seen in outer islands (Koa, Ohia Lehua). Throughout the hike there are tons of places to stop, take pictures and embrace the natural beauty of our island. We saw beautiful views of the Ka'ala mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. 

The Huakai iki trail is a 2 mile loop
Trail which involves 3 river crossings and a freshwater pond to swim in. Wear hiking clothes and your swimsuit and be prepared to take tons of pictures! No worries about bringing your own water shoes, North shore ecotours has water shoes, backpacks, sunscreen, bug repellant, walking sticks and ponchos for you to use during your tour (this is especially a bonus for out of towners). And they provide you with a light lunch! We has roasted veggie and hummus focaccia sandwiches, fresh pineapple and pita chips! NorthShore EcoTours comes prepared!

I would definitely recommend this hike to everyone! It's a perfect balance of beauty, nature and exercise. For the most part the hike is relatively easy, the most difficult part is the end with multiple switch backs all
at an incline, but no worries they don't rush you. Just go at your own pace and trust me the privacy of having the trail to yourself, the beautiful views and all the knowledge you will acquire from Keola and his staff makes the hike worth it!
Best Hikes on Oahu
I've been to Oahu dozens of times and enjoyed the public hikes...but taking a private hike on private land with guides who are well versed in local history and ecology was treat! The land was beautiful, we stopped to eat fruit off the trees along the way and ended by jumping into a swimming hole. Pretty much a perfect day.
Exceptional, Informative, Fun
There really are no words to describe what an incredible time I had on the "Little Adventure" tour. I've done a few tours in Hawaii and they are all the same. I was hesistant to book another tour in Hawaii but was interested in the Native perspective the tour said it would provide. Keola was our tour guide. I found out from him that he has a graduate degree in Hawaiian studies and recently passed ... morea "type of exam" that allowed him to "graduate" as an authentic and legitimate teacher of hula. He was very passionate, intelligent, and witty which made the tour fun and stood out from the other tours i've been on. If you want to know the real Hawaii and have a good time. I would highly recommend NorthShore Ecotours. Since I had such a good time I think I may book another tour... I think I can graduate to the Big Adventure.