Naha Stone

  • Decider of Kings
  • Used to determine who belonged to the Naha clan
  • 7,000 pounds
The Naha Stone is a stone of great history and tradition. The smaller of the two rocks located in front of the Hilo Public Library, it was used to figure out who was supposed to belong to the Naha clan. Since the Naha clan was the ruling clan, this was an important ritual. Babies were placed on the stone, and if they remained calm then they were a part of the clan; if they cried or fussed, they were not considered part of the Naha clan.

The stone is believed to have originated on the island of Kauai, and then moved by canoe to Hilo. As the stone is 7,000 pounds, it would have been a very difficult journey. In fact, legend states that person who could move the rock would be the king of the Hawaiian islands. When Kamehameha was fourteen years of age, he tried to move the stone several times, and eventually succeeded - he was named king, and the islands came under his rule.

While you can read of the history in the books located at the Hilo Public Library, you can see the past and experience the history out front by view the Naha Stone.
Hilo, Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States
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