Moku Manu

Moku Manu (Mow-coo ma-New) can be found roughly 500 yards off Makapuu Point between Kaneohe and Kailua. This dive site has an extremely large amount of marine life because it is not dived too often. One can dive off a boat between the two islands and then use the water and winds to decide which island one would enjoy diving more. The bottom can be found at 90 feet and has a cave that is completely dark inside that cuts into the inlands for roughly 50 yards. One should definitely bring a dive light to see all the lobsters, fish and coral growing on the outside of the cave. Roughly 200 yards from the south area of the island is a sand channel at a about 60 feet, where several playful turtles live. At night they will follow the dive lights beam throughout the dive. If one goes a further 200 yards you will be able to see large overhands and caves. The northern islands seaward side has a skirting shelf at about 30 feet that drops to 90 and then all the way to past 200 feet. One can see lobsters and moray eels that call this area home.
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Strong (2 knots+)
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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