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Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach

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Kaihalulu Bay or Red Sand Beach is located adjacent to Ka'uiki Head, which is an ash cone lsouth of Hana Bay on the eastern bank of Maui Island. The cove name hails from kai halulu which means "thundering ocean" in the Hawaiian language. The mount name originates from ka‘uiki which implies "the flash". It was the site of a stronghold and sanctuary (heiau) where some combats were battling against trespassers from Hawaii Island. It was likewise the origination of capable civil pioneer Queen Kaahumanu.

Red Sand Beach is incompletely shielded from the unpleasant untamed sea by a seaward reef. The outcome is a characteristic ocean divider that ensures the narrows from vast waves. Kaihalulu is one of the few red sand vacation spots on the planet. The sand is a profound red-dark, which stands out from the blue water, the dark ocean divider, and the green ironwood trees. The cinder cone behind the sunny shore disintegrates continually, which ceaselessly extends the cove. This mound is rich in iron, and it is the reason the beach's sand is such profound red.

The trail to the beach traverses private property and takes over an edge high above the sea beneath. The way is fairly steep and restricted, and is very tricky because of the detached and crushing soot and needles from adjacent ironwood trees. The trail likewise passes by an old Japanese cemetery. 

5101 Uakea Road, Hāna, Maui County, Hawaii, United States 96713
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