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Hauola City of Refuge

  • A Historic Place in Hawaii
  • A Cultural Experience for the Family
  • Learn About a Sanctuary in War

You’ll find the Hauola City of Refuge to be a historical part of Hawaii’s history. This place of refuge in ancient Hawaii was a sanctuary for kapu, taboo, breakers. For example in ancient Hawaii it was forbidden to walk in the shadow of a royal, and breaking these rules were punishable by death.

Right next to HikinaakalaHeiau, located at the mouth of the Wailua River was the pu’uhonua (refuge) that one who broke such taboos could run to escape prosecution and resume their life. These places also served as a sanctuary during war times to those that would be punished for crimes.

This historic place is a great place to take family for an educational trip into Hawaii’s unique past. Relax in the shade of various palm trees while you take in the history Hawaii has to offer. Beauty can still be found here, but you won’t find the lush tropics that’d you’d find in other places around Hawaii. People seeking refuge in ancient times were lucky to escape with their lives, so they couldn’t pick or choose where to live after breaking forbidden taboos. You’ll find the place to be filled with various rocks and pebbles, so be careful on your trip to visit the Hauola City of Refuge in Kauai. 

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Nalu Road, Kauai County, Hawaii, United States
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