Halona Cove

Halona Beach Cove

  • Koko crater
  • Look out for humpback whales and turtles
  • Diving and swimming
Halona Beach Cove on the south-eastern shore of Oahu at the foot of Koko Crater is a beach that gained popularity after the shooting of the movie "From here to eternity" on the location in 1953. The beach is small and sandy pocketed on three side by steep, jagged lava rock. The site offers an ideal location for swimming but caution must be taken and not attempt swimming when the surf is rough.  Outside of the protected area, the current can often be quite strong and the water turbulent.

The beach is hidden from view from the parking. Access requires going down a steep path. Although the path is easy, care should be taken as the rocks are slippery and sharp. You should always wear shoes has you hike the rocks to reach the beach. There are no lifeguards or any facilities except for parking.

During the winter season, the location is the ideal place for spotting humpback whales as they go on their journey leaving the North Pacific.  Hawaiian green turtles can also be seen swimming about. With light northerly winds blowing on the surf, diving is possible but should not be undertaken when the wave is breaking. The tidal waves change erratically forming strong current  known as Moloka'i that can drag divers out to sea.

Just a few walking distance from the beach is Koko crater which is a massive cinder cone that visually dominates the area. Horse stables can be found within the crater. West of the beach cove is a rocky point known as Bamboo ridge. The location is a popular fishing spot since the 1920's. The name was given after the fisherman bamboo fishing poles which could be seen along the edge of the cliff in the past.
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