Electric Beach / Kahe Point

Electric Beach and Kahe Point are actually two different dive sites. The common reference to Electric Beach is actually Kahe Point. Electric Beach is the beach just down from Kahe Point. Bring a dive flag for both sites there is lots of boat traffic here. This site is much more interesting underwater than it at first appears. This site is almost always divable. Do not leave valuables in the car and always lock up your car when diving here. The entrance/exit for Kahe Point is the small strip of beach between the power plant. Wear booties as this area is rocky and there is sea urchins. Swim straight out and drop where the reef meets the sand. You have 3 choices on where to go now. You can head over to the rocks and take the rocks straight out to the pipe (power plant water outlet). There are lots of fish here all over. Also look for shells and eels in the nooks and crannies. Please leave the shells for others to see!!! Frogfish and other critters can be found in the side of the pipes and in amongst the rocks. This include crabs and lobster (once in awhile). Please leave those too!!!! Take this all the way to the end. Be careful on the front where the water comes out you will go for a ride if you get caught in it. If you get caught in it don't fight it, let it take and when it slacks swim back to where you want to be. Explore on and around the pipe. Once finished head back the way you came. You can also go to the left after you drop and explore the reef along the cliffs to the front of Kahe Point. There is lots of nooks and crannies here too in the reef. Protector crab are common in the cauliflower coral and white tip sharks ocassionaly hang out under the ledges, turtles can be seen here. Star fish, blenny's, and shells are common through out this area. Also to the seaward side Dolphins can be seen here once in awhile. Please leave the dolphins in peace. Just parallel the cliffline here and go back the way you came. You can also take a 270 compass heading toward the actual Electric Beach. Explore along the reef. There is caves here. Use caution as white tip sharks are known to hang out here. There is also lots to be see in and amongst the reef. Head back on reciprocal. These are nice easy dives, usually about 25 to 35 feet max. There is lots to see here. There are all novice dives here.
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Moray Eels
Whitetip Reef Sharks
Low (< 1 knot)
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States 96707
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