lighthouse at Barber's Point Beach

Barber's Point Beach Park

  • Fishing
  • The light house
  • Picnic
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Barber's Point Beach Park was named after Captain Henry Barber, who arrived in Oahu in 1796 in the Arthur. His ship ran aground at the Oahu southern tip as he was sailing for Kauai and then to China having loaded his ship with supplies in Honolulu. In Hawaiian, the beach is also known as Kalaeloa Beach which means "the long point".

Barber's Point Beach Park does not provide very good swimming conditions. Low limestone, shells lie along most of the shoreline, making entering the water quite difficult. The beach also has extremely strong currents making it a no-swimming beach. Barber's Point Beach Park is best known for its lighthouse and also provide a very good location for fishing and picnic. It includes a 7 acre park near an industrial area and camping facilities which are permitted in the nearby Kalaeloa Park on weekends.

Along its entire length, the beach has sand, but is quite rocky. The industrial area not far from the beach can often be sent plumes of smoke or steam if the wind is blowing towards the beach. Nevertheless, the beach does have some facilities such as bathroom, shower and picnic table. Lots of very shallow rock area can be seen on the water where you can spot small fish. The beach is also full of crabs running around.
Picnic tables
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91-121 Olai Street, Kapolei, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States 96707
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