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Kaiona Beach Park

  • The boat anchorage
  • Swimming inside the pond
  • Sunbathing
Kaiona Beach Park is listed among one of the best beaches in Hawaii for swimming suitable novice swimmers and for families with small kids. The waters are very calm.  The area just in front of the sea wall to the right of the grassy area is the best place to swim. In the location used to be an ancient Hawaiian fishpond, Pahonu Pond as it was called, the walls of which can still be seen during low tide. Kaiona Beach Park covers about 4 acres right at the foot of the Ko'olau Mountain on the south end of Waimanalo Bay, Oahu.

The beach has small soft white sand, it has mellow waves and a soft rock free bottom. The water can sometimes become cloudy as rain and particular freshwater runoff into the sea. When the water is clear during better days, water activity such as snorkeling can be very exciting. Behind the beach is a park that is perfect for picnic and parties. A permit from the City and Council Parks and Recreation Department is required and a $100 deposit necessary when picnic or parties involve more than a hundred people.

The beach has been used for many years as a community boat anchorage. On the south side of the park, the community has built a boat ramp in 1999 which is used for small boats. There are two popular landmarks, the Pahonu and the Shriner. Pahonu in Hawaiian means "Turtle fence". Legend has it that a chief of the district liked turtles so much that he built a pond to have a constant supply of live turtles.  The Shriner is a private clubhouse which opened in 1931. It hosts events such as weddings, parties, and other gatherings. Part of Kaiona Beach Park is home to the Waimanalo Canoe Club Halau.

Kaiona in Hawaiian means "attractive sea" when the weather is beautiful, the water is clear of turquoise color. When swimming on such a day, one might get the impression of swimming in a pool. Kaiona Beach Park has a few facilities mostly restrooms, picnic tables, showers and parking. There are no lifeguards on the beach.

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