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heavenly hana tour

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Discover Hana, the jewel of the Valley Isle, on this breathtaking adventure. Deeply steeped in Hawaiian ways, this cultural treasure in East Maui is accessible via a narrow, winding road marked by tiny bridges, wildly gorgeous foliage and waterfalls. This tour also includes breakfast and lunch service for your convenience.

As you travel along on this 68-mile trip, your experienced driver & friendly guide will give a captivating narration of the island’s secrets all along the way. Weaving through the lush tropical rainforest, there are more than 600 curves & 59 one-lane bridges on the Road to Hana with stunning vistas, cascading waterfalls, and scenic coastal scenery galore! It’s more about the journey rather than the destination on the Road to Hana, so sit back, relax and enjoy the view from our comfortable air-conditioned mini coaches.

Tour Overview (*denotes stops made):
  • Hookipa Lookout*  Maui’s famous north shore beach where surfing and windsurfing competitions are held and waves can reach 25 feet in the winter months.
  • Kaumahina State Wayside Park* – This forested park offers scenic views of Maui’s coastline. It is also home to beautiful and exotic plants.
  • Puaa Kaa Wayside State Park – Verdant tropical rainforest with breathtaking waterfalls and glistening pools.
  • Keanae Lookout* – This lookout will give you a magnificent view of Maui, from the rocky black lava coast to its opulent green Hawaiian taro fields.
  • Wailua Falls – An impressive waterfall on the Road to Hana.
  • Waianapanapa State Park* – Means “Glistening Fresh Water” in Hawaiian. This picturesque park features a native hala forest, a natural stone arch, blowholes, fresh water streams, a legendary cave, sparkling pools, and a black sand beach.
  • “Heavenly” Hana Town – This “heavenly” town is home to Pii-lani Temple, the largest heiau in Hawaii, exotic flowers, rich history, a famous general store, and so much more.
  • Palikea Stream – The largest perennial stream on Maui.
  • Waikani Falls – Also known as the “Three Bears Falls”, this popular waterfall features three parallel waterfalls splashing from as high as 1000 feet into the pool below.
  • Charles Lindbergh’s Grave* – The burial ground of prominent aviator, inventor, explorer, author, and activist Charles Lindbergh. In 1927, Lindbergh became the first person to make a non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

This tour includes a Breakfast Bento and a Picnic Lunch (Menus are subject to change without notice):
  • Breakfast Bento
    • Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Bacon, and Hapa Rice served with Coffee, Tea, or Bottled Water
    • Vegetarian Option– Scrambled Eggs, Sliced Tomato and Hapa Rice
  • Picnic Lunch includes chips, cookie, and Turkey Sandwich (Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, Local Organic Greens, Haiku Tomatoes, Cranberry Aioli on a Local Artisan Roll)
    • Beverage – Passion Orange Juice or Water
    • Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options:
      • Vegetarian: Veggie Sandwich – Local Organic Mixed Greens, English Cucumbers, Haiku Tomatoes, Swiss Cheese, and Miso Vinaigrette on a Local Artisan Roll
      • Gluten Free: Organic Salad – Local Organic Mixed Greens, Organic Radish, Organic Carrots, Macadamia Nuts with Lilikoi Vinaigrette.
  • Tour departs from first pick-up location at 7 AM and returns at 6.30 PM, tour typically starts at Kahului Airport
  • Moderate walking, please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately
  • You may wish to bring a light jacket as it gets cooler upcountry
  • The ride to Hana may be rough as there are stretches of uneven surfaces
  • Locations/Routes may be modified due to national and state park advisories
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Child11 & younger
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Daily6:45 AM12 hoursVarious Maui LocationsClick the "book it" button to see exact pickup times & locations
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Was the tour accurately described on the webiste? In other words did it meet your expectations?
(5.0 of 5)
Wow! What an amazing Road to Hana experience! Rarely does an experience warrant the time and energy to offer feedback, but this one surely does. My husband and I are from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We were visiting the Hawaiian islands (via Norwegian Cruise ship Pride of America) to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary....a once in a lifetime trip. We worked privately with our travel agent to arrange ... morefor interesting excursions and were lucky enough to score 2 seats on Bjorn's bus. 

Bjorn was eager to welcome us and presented me (and each of the ladies) with a fresh plumeria blossom for my hair as we boarded his bus. 

With 22 passengers including 8 children under the age of 10, we took off on what would be a 9 1/2 hour road trip to remember!

Bjorn had a sharp wit and warm personality and a gift for story telling. He started talking and pointing and explaining at 8:30 am when we boarded and didn't stop entertaining us until we pulled back in to port and exited his bus at 6:00 p.m.! It was like he was made for that job. He executed as if it wasn't a job at all - more like he wanted to share his island with everyone he could - and today, we were the select 22.

We learned about the Hawaiian alphabet - only 12 (now 13) letters. Every word in Hawaiian ends in a vowel. He taught us the meaning of many Hawaiian words, a few were retained. 

Bjorn had an acute attention to detail. It made ALL the difference.

Warning us of the very narrow winding roads - those with motion sickness may be uncomfortable, he offered us all - from a coconut dish - a generous slice of candied ginger to settle the stomach.

At our first scenic overlook, Bjorn set out breakfast muffins, scones, tangerines, coffee, tea, water and juice while we captured photos, used the rest rooms and shopped the local craft vendors. At another rest stop/scenic bluff, he welcomed us back onto the bus with a taste of raw sugar cane. He told us that Hawaii used to be a huge producer of sugar cane, but no longer is. The sugar cane on the island now grows wild and abundantly, but not for commercial production.

The winding, single lane, sometimes unpaved road was white knuckle, nail biting, scary stuff. Al and I agreed that we were glad Bjorn was driving and not us! At one point, we came across a tow truck, police car and someone who got too close to the edge and his pick up truck was leaning dangerously toward the cliff below.

We sat patiently (and idly for 20 minutes or more) and watched in awe as the tow truck righted him and sent him on his way - all the while Bjorn continued his oration, telling stories of King Kameamea, the influence of the Cook family to the settlement of Hawaii. "No snakes" in Hawaii, we were introduced to the now native badger at our lunch stop at the black sand beach.

We learned that the state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus. Bjorn picked and displayed a colorful sampling of indigenous flowers on the dashboard of his van. 

Names dropped of famous people who lived on or owned property on the island; - Oprah and her perimeter wall, Pat Benetar, Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Gene Simmonds, etc.

As we passed so many various plants, trees, bushes in the jungle, Bjorn pointed them out by name, then passed around samples of pods, nuts, rocks, and pictures so we could see, feel, touch them. He knew each waterfall by name and told us of the changing landscape and danger during flash flooding, displaying other pictures - all the while carefully navigating the treacherous roads, threading the needle and cracking jokes- entertaining us non-stop, only pausing occasionally - letting us enjoy the Hawaiian music he played in the background.

We were struck by the changing scenery, climate, backdrop of Maui - there's jungle, forest, mountains, valleys, tundra, dry space vegetation. So wet and lush and rainy on part of the island, then dry and barren on the other Volcanic activity adds to the island. Bjorn pointed out the various stages and introduced
We loved our Road to Hana tour with Bjorn! We are so happy we elected this tour instead of driving it ourselves because we learned SO much from Bjorn all along the way and all day. He is a fountain of information and with a great sense of humor to boot. You have a great tour guide and driver in your employ, and we wish all visitors to Maui would sign up for this tour and be lucky enough to enjoy Bjorn ... morefor the day!
Bjorn was an excellent driver and a very interesting guide for the Heavenly Hana tour. Great information and color commentary. I am sure we saw more and learned more (much more peacefully) than if I had driven around the east side of Maui. The south side is suicidal for a midwestern driver, a thrill ride for a passenger of Bjorn's magic bus.
All I can say is that this was a great trip you don't want to miss while in Maui. We took the Heavenly Hana Tour. Excellent and very professional. Our driver Tai as in the drink Mai Tai was great. He knew his stuff and was a very safe and careful driver. Leave the driving to them while you relax in the comfort of their aircon van. I would not drive the Road to Hana. Excellent trip and enjoyable.
My sisters and I did the Heavenly Hana tour and Uncle Harry was our tour guide. He was great! Very informative about the history of Hawaii. We had a fun time on this field trip. I'm glad we did the tour because the drive was extremely long and the roads are so narrow we couldn't have done it ourselves. The lunches that were given were ok. Just plain sandwiches but we got to stop by Aunty Sandys fruit ... morestand for some really yummy banana bread and hot dogs so that made up for it.
ust came back from Maui and had been on the Road to Hana tour on 5/17/17. First of all, our shuttle driver was to pick us up at 6:50am and she was driving up as we were walking to the meeting spot, right on time!! We were the first people she picked up and she greeted us with such warmth. She explained that she had to go around to the other hotels to pick up the full bus load. One couple was not there ... moreand she showed a genuine concern, contacting the hotel to find the couple. They eventually showed up and although they were late, she still greeted them with the same warmth. She told us stories as she drove and pointed things out to us.

When we got to place where we would board our tour bus, we met Tai Chi (sp) and he too was a very warm and welcoming tour guide. He felt very down to Earth, casual and made sure everyone was on the checklist. 

Throughout the tour, he made sure to give us details and tell us the history of Maui, the points of interest and answered all of our questions. 

Most of all, HE HONESTLY WAS VERY CARING. I know that he has to tell us about the bathroom stops but he always asked us if we needed anything or if any of us had any concerns. He made sure that we had the best photo opportunities and kept us entertained even though we were caught up because they were reconstructing the road that had washed out. You know what else he did that was amazing? He remembered all of our names and where we were from. The whole bus was interacting with him and with each other and we all ranged in age, home countries, backgrounds, experiences, financial status and races. He had us all feeling as Ohana and with our differences it did not matter. We all treated each other as Ohana.

We even had one lady who required a walker and he made sure to take care of her with each and every stop, always asking if she needed anything.

He got us through safely and there was not one time where I felt I could not trust him for his driving skills were impeccable. I believe that I can say that we all had a wonderful time, and we all learned so much. A trip to remember no matter what the cost. There is no price on honest true human relationships. 

And on the way back, we had the same sweet lady driver who brought us in the morning, and she made sure she gave us tips on good local spots to eat and even where the good sunset photo ops were. I only wish I got her name. 

Both of them are amazing. They are truly an asset to your company. Mahalo for a wonderful first time experience for me, for I've never been to Hawaii before.

We loved our tours with Roberts! Bjorn was fantastic + went above and beyond for our group with extra customer service! Entertaining, personality plus and plenty of knowledge, making our experience great and memorable!
I have nothing to say but good things about this company. I went on three types of tours with them. I will describe my tours as well as my tour guide since they had made the experience so pleasant. Bjorn- the trip to Maui. This was the longest of all of the three trips. In a clockwise fashion we were to go around the east side of the Maui. He was adorable by provide us some coffee, tea, water, muffins, ... moreand other Hawaiian pastries as a little snack break on the first stop. He share his information in a comical fashion but he also brought the truth into the bus with live samples of what he was talking about. Through him, I was able to have a sugar cane for the first time. I also tried a guava for the first time. We have an unfortunate event occur after driving an hour and a half in the direction that we will meant to take, we had a landslide a car in front of the bus. No one got hurt. We saw his true professionalism as he made sure that everyone was okay and he made proper contact with the proper authorities to make sure that the debris was clear from the road as soon as possible. This event resulted in us taking the road to Hana in a counterclockwise fashion. That was a rough ride but he made it very interesting and quite memorable. The road to Hana 1 1/2 times!
Harvey- the big island
I love the store and I love the tour guide. Knowing that he was a third-generation Hawaiian looking at the island made me realize how legitimate the tour was going to be. He shared his knowledge of Hawaiian history, culture, and personal stories. He treated us as if you are part of his family. It was a very relaxing tour.
Mickey - Kauai
This was another very memorable tour. He shared a lot of stories with us and every time I saw him he was in contact with all the natives of the island. This tour guide came with his own soundtrack. He would play it during different segments of the tour in reference to the movie that was shot in Kauai. He also did a little something extra in order to differentiate histor from the rest of the toys that were out and about in the island. He showed us a little movie montage of the movies and in reference to the specific stuff that he was talking about during tour.

I was very satisfied with the service that this company provided in all their tours as well as there shuttles to and from the airport. Harvey mentioned that for every time a tourist comes to Hawaii and take the tour that it helps 2 people that actually live in Hawaii. So I feel that by taking these tours and visiting the states I have made a contribution to their economy.