Pearl Harbor Honolulu Hawaii

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum Park

  • Interior tour of USS Bowfin, one of 15 remaining U.S WW2 submarines.
  • Museum has many exhibits including a Poseidon missile with its inner workings shown.
  • "The Waterfront Memorial", made for the lives lost in each of the 52 sunken submarines.
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The USS Bowfin, a U.S. World War II submarine that has survived, and been preserved, has been opened to the public for tours alongside the museum. At around 95 meters long, tourists have an option of going on a self-guided tour of the submarine, as well as an audio-guided tour, which is highly informative and recommended. The audio tours are for $10, describing how it was to be in the vessel when it was running. The submarine has small openings as doorways, and small interiors. An audio tape is also available for the artifacts and exhibits in the museum itself, which includes an exhibit of the inner workings of a missile (Poseidon), the only exhibit of its kind open to the public.

The submarine, which is one of only 15 such remaining U.S. World War II submarines, was moved to its current position in late 1980, after which it was opened to public tours in 1981, after cleaning and restoring by a group of volunteers. It is currently also considered an American Historic Landmark.

The museum, about 10,000 sq. feet in size, contains many exhibits and displays, such as the “Waterfront Memorial”, which describes the lives of the 52 sunken submarines, as well as the names of the men who lost their lives in each of them. Another outdoor showcase is the McCann Rescue chamber, which is known for being the only successful rescue of men from a sunken American submarine. A total of 33 officers’ lives were saved by this Rescue chamber.

Currently, there are several seminars and trips conducted by schools, colleges, etc. Which are openly welcomed by the museum, for any group who would like to conduct a class or session within the museum and/or submarine. You can also get your photo taken outside the submarine and printed as well. One event that is conducted is “Remember Pearl Harbour Day”, conducted on December 6th-7th, in which the Freedom Bell will be rung for all those who had members of any of the armed forces close to them. It is conducted at 9 am along with a ceremony.

The museum and submarine tour admission fees are $12 for adults, $5 for children (Between the ages 4-12), and $8 for Military personnel, seniors, and Hawaiian residents (Kama’aina).
Fees for only the museum are - $5 for adults and $3 for children. Children under 4 years of age are not accepted inside the submarine for safety reasons, but may go to the museum and mini-theater for free.

Bags are not allowed inside the museum and/or submarine for security reasons, but there is a place open for baggage storage, at a cost.

It is open every day of the week, from 7 am, to 5 pm, last admission being at 4.30 pm. It is closed on mainly 3 days, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and New Year’s day.
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OpenDaily7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Ford Island Bridge, Aiea, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States 96701
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Like the USS Arizona, this is a really cool opportunity to walk through a genuine military
Like the USS Arizona, this is a really cool opportunity to walk through a genuine military vessel. Takes about 20 minutes altogether. By its nature the sub is too crowded to permit a tour guide inside, but a guide outside is available for questions.
Great exhibit of not just the USS Bowfin, but of the history of the USN Submarine
Great exhibit of not just the USS Bowfin, but of the history of the USN Submarine Service. There are many displays showing the mechanical as well as the human side of the story, some of which are hands-on. However, expect to get kicked out early, despite the posted closing time of 5:00. The museum closed 30 minutes early, and the gift shop 45 minutes early. I guess that's what they mean by "aloha ... moretime".
It is hot and cramped, but it is a WW2 era submarine
It is hot and cramped, but it is a WW2 era submarine. What do you expect?? Great tour!