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Gun, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wet Suit, Weight Belt, Gloves
Get Your Gear!

We begin our adventure at 7:00 a.m. at “All About Fish”, spearfishing supply shop, where you will be provided quality spearfishing gear. Equipment Includes: Gun, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wet Suit, Weight Belt, Gloves. Make sure you eat breakfast before hand and drink plenty of water. You can pack a lunch, though you should probably save the sandwich meat for another day and make use of the local knowledge of the best places to eat in town. Hey guys: shave that stubble! We would never ask you to lose that mustache though; we have a trick to help with leaky masks due to facial hair.

Find your dive site

Hop into the MSA truck and learn how to read weather patterns to as we find the best possible location for the lesson.

Learn how to spearfish

One lesson with us and you will have all the knowledge you will need to continue safely and successfully in the sport of spearfishing! You will be instructed on the topics of: fish identification, fish preservation, gun safety, breath holding techniques and hunting techniques.

Go Spearfishing!

Spend about 2 hours in the water (just long enough to avoid getting cold) as you hunt fish, experience beautiful snorkeling and simply have fun.

On Our Way Home…

We will finish around 12:30 p.m. (time is dependent on dive location).Simply leave all the equipment with the instructor and get some lunch! We are not shy when it comes to sharing our favorite places to eat or have fun so make sure to gather up all that local knowledge as you plan that next step on your vacation!

Spearfishing 101Person
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Frequently Asked Questions
In general, it is any form of fishing where you use a spear to catch a fish. At MSA, we use the popular method of entering the water (as if we were snorkeling), swimming beneath the surface and shooting at fish using a spear gun.
Sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel are all useful items on our tours!
Packing a lunch is a great option, though there are many awesome places to eat right after we get out of the water. With the local knowledge of all your food options, you may want to save your sandwiches for another day!
We want to introduce people to the sport of spear fishing. Part of the sport is to see what you can catch using one breath hold. The more practice you have, the deeper and longer you can go, and the more fish you get! If it’s your first time, you may surprise yourself how deep you will learn how to dive!
If you feel comfortable in the water while swimming or snorkeling, you will be fully prepared for our introduction to spear fishing lessons.
Anyone can come along! (You must be 13 or older to participate in spearfishing, or 10 and older to participate in free diving) The first portions of the lesson are held out of the water, for the segments in the water, you will need to provide your child with supervision. We will be happy to accommodate unique situations as long as we know in advance!
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H Tours Hawaii is a "one stop shop" for all the best activities in the Hawaiian Islands. Since we work with many providers, reservations are necessary. WE HIGHLY recommend making reservations, as many activities are at a discount when you reserve in advance. Some providers even charge higher for those "walking in" because they know chances are you're not going to walk away. Finally, a reservation ensures you have a space on the tour. Trust us you don't want to spend so much time and money to come to Hawaii and then miss out on an activity because they were booked out!
Choose the tour you are interested in, click the red “Book It” button adjacent to the tour information, and complete the booking form.
Most companies, if not all, require you to call them if you're trying to book something 2-3 days in advance. Do you really want to be spending your valuable time in Hawaii calling around to desperately find something that is available to do? While we can usually accommodate most last-minute bookings, we highly encourage those that are checking out our website far in advance to book 2-3 weeks prior to desired date. You never know if there's a convention, special event, or an increase in overall visitors in town, and it would be a shame if the activities that you want to do are sold out because you waited until the last minute. Basically, if you know you want to do it, just book it!
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Was the tour accurately described on the webiste? In other words did it meet your expectations?
(5.0 of 5)
Wish I'd done this at the beginning of my trip, not the end
My friend and I went out with Bobby and Kainoa. Our class was small, only 4 people total, so we had 1 instructor for each pair. Bobby told us this wasn't always the case, but I have no other experience to speak otherwise. Bobby and Kainoa were very knowledgeable and helpful, but at the same time easy to get along with and very laid back.... more

We started with about an hour in the classroom with them giving us the basics, then we drove to the nearby beach for some breathing practice and then we got our gear and hit the water. In the water we did a few practice dives and then we went out in search of fish. 

For some background on myself, I went into this class being able to dive down 30-40ft while snorkeling(I could just touch and then swim to the surface) and hold my breath for 2 minutes on land(static). After the classroom and breathing techniques, I didn't improve my static much (we didn't work much on that since everyone in our group had a pretty good breath hold) but I definitely improved my underwater time. Being able to swim down, grab a rock and chill on the bottom for 15-20 seconds before coming back up.

We were unlucky in that the fish didn't cooperate and my friend and I didn't catch anything, although the other couple with us did get 2 fish. However it was an absolute blast. I am hooked and even though I live in Maryland where we don't have water quite clear enough to spearfish, I'm already looking to take a trip somewhere I CAN go spearfishing LOL

If I can leave you with one main idea... Look at this like a freediving class that you might get to catch a fish. If your only goal is to kill a fish with a speargun, you very well could leave unhappy. I left the class much more confident in my freediving and with an absolute desire to do it again.
This was awesome! You gotta do this!
I'd been snorkeling a few times on my trips to Hawaii and thought I'd try something different and take the MSA spearfishing 101. I'm so glad I did. This was by far the highlight of my trip. You will learn a lot about the sport and have an amazing time. The class can be tailored to each individual's comfort and experience. ... more
This is by far the best activity in Maui and something you need to do while you're there. 
I can't wait til I can go back next year.
Best Fishing Trip of My Life
My two brothers and I (we're 21, 20, and 18 years old) had an absolutely amazing time spearfishing with our guide, Bobby. Even if you don't catch anything, the lessons he teaches you about relaxation, respecting the ocean, and the island in general make the experience worthwhile. It is essentially a private-guided snorkel tour with the thrill of the hunt involved. My expectations were blown out of ... morethe water and I will recommend the Maui Spearfishing academy to every one of my friends that are lucky enough to travel here. Thank you Bobby!!
One of those rare "experience of a lifetime" events
My 23-year old son and I booked the Maui Spearfishing 101 course -- and were extremely lucky to be the only two bookings for that particular day. This gave us Bobby's undivided attention for our class / on-land session in advance of our trip out in the water. What defines a "experience of a lifetime"? I believe it's something where the memory of what you experienced will last for the rest of your ... morelife. For both my son and I, it was learning how to free dive, safely, to depths we thought were unfathomable. Both of us, it turns out, were able to hold our breaths for fantastic lengths -- which gave us the confidence to be able to go to the outer edges of the reef in search of silvers or invasives.

To say we had a blast was an understatement -- Bobby truly was patient, informative, and really coached us along (I ended up not being able to equalize so had to stay above 20 feet) -- but Bobby still gave me some excellent chances to spear a few Roi, with my son having the unbelievable chance to hunt a grouper and some Roi at 40+ feet. 

Now, our only advice would be to understand this isn't an easy trip -- you're doing what is defined as an extreme sport (freediving, spearfishing) but it's low impact. Make sure you hydrate well before, and be comfortable with snorkeling to have the best experience. Bobby explained how he works with all levels, but I think the ones that will truly benefit from this experience are those that have some time on the water, who are looking for an experience & memories to last a lifetime.
Amazing experience with some of the coolest outdoor adventure teachers I've ever met!
Speaking as a former Alaskan fishing guide. I've been hunting and fishing all my life. I consider my wife and I to be talented/experienced swimmers, scuba divers, hunters,snorkelers and lovers of all things fun outdoors. We, as well as our 2 other equally experienced family members found this spearfishing experience to be totally educational and amazing. Bobby and Ben were some of the coolest and ... morebest outdoor adventure guides we've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. We truly enjoyed their company and expertise. I highly recommend this service to anyone of any skill level! I felt safe and well prepared with the help and guidance of these two brilliant young men. Our time and money was well spent and truly valued! I cannot thank these gentlemen enough. Keep up the good work.