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  • Picnic Spots
  • Green Garden
  • Sand Beach
The Hana Beach is an extremely famous spot with the locals for picnics and playing with little kids because of its exceptionally cool waters. Placed in Hana Bay, it is home to the ... morewatercraft slope and outing regions. It is a pleasant sunny shore to visit as it is a short stroll from the townhouse and has decent delicate sand. Water at the beach is extremely shallow and not as tempting to grown-up swimmers. Watercraft incline is a spot run down, yet head to the right of the slope into the wilderness for a fascinating trek to see the origin of the celebrated Hawaiian Queen Ka'ahumanu.
While you rest to the sound of the sea, it relieves away all considerations and concerns. You can just unwind, swim and have a great time during your excursion is right here.
Other common attractions that can be found at the Hana Beach Park are the green garden and black/brown sand beach made by disintegrated magma. Hana Bay is open daily and is an extremely quiet place as it is generally ensured from the untamed ocean, making it fantastic for swimming. Hana Pier is placed on the right half of the sound as well as a little watercraft harbor.
Beach, Park
Bathroom, Drinking water, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • Old church
  • Rocky shoreline
  • Lava pinnacles
Since a long time, the Keanae Peninsula has been one of the major attractions in Maui. The peninsula is located in Maui, on the way to Hana. Yes, the same popular Road to Hana. If ... moreyou are planning to visit Hana then the Keanae Peninsula is a great spot to start with. Without any doubt, the natural elements and the scenery of this tourist spot is simply gorgeous. On this peninsula, there is an old Hawaiian village that showcases the rich culture of the region. Taro patches as well as a church are the two main attractions of this peninsula. The church was constructed in 1856, and it is mostly made of stones. In the year 1946, the peninsula was almost damaged by a tsumani, but fortunately, the church is still in proper condition.
The coastline of the Keanae Peninsula is completely rocky, and it feels great to see when the waves collide against the rocky shoreline. No doubt, you will find the shoreline a perfect spot to take some excellent shots. Water slashing against the lava pinnacles also creates a marvelous scene, thus making a perfect place to find some peaceful moments. However, you need to be careful when walking down the shoreline.
  • 85 ft waterfall
  • Unbelievable views
Wailua falls is a spectacular huge waterfall which is located at the finishing point of the Ma'alo Road in the Kauai region of Hawaii. It is an easy waterfall to locate and a drive ... morehere will reveal other marvelous waterfalls coexisting in the same region. It is an eighty-five feet high waterfall, and this is the true height of this waterfall, unlike the much-debated myth that it is above 180 ft high.
Diving has been strictly prohibited in this waterfall, because of the incumbent fatalities that have been reported. Therefore, it is highly advised that nothing of the sort be tried out here. There is a parking spot near the falls that should be used for your convenience as well as that of others. If you are one of those people who absolutely must get to the bottom of this fall, and are very sure about it, then there are two trails that can be used to get there, although highly unadvised.
It is best to see the falls in the season when there is above average precipitation and rainfall, this makes the waterfalls all the more raging and beautiful. Therefore, take a trip down the Ma’alo road and get the most breathtaking view imaginable!
  • Stunning view
  • Picnic spot
  • Calm and less-crowdy environment
Puohokomoa falls is touted as one of the most accessible waterfalls on the hana highway. The two hundred feet cascading waters provide a sight to behold. The fact that there is a neat ... moresheltered spot that families can use for picnic and resting while visiting, offers more than just a visual treat. This waterfall leads to a lot of others, just a few minutes of upstream travelling and you will get to see many more of such waterfalls.
It is advised that when you go for a visit make sure you are being careful about the super slippery rocks laden with lichen to avoid any injuries. Being one of the most accessible waterfalls in the area, a drive on the hana highway is going to reveal most of this waterfall, but you have to cross over the barbed wiring to get to the closest part of the falls.
It is a family favored picnic spot too, but considering the fact that there are not many eateries in this specific part of hana, it is advisable that you carry your food with you. For the swimming enthusiasts a dip in the cool water is a must, but caution is mandatory. Therefore, be mesmerized at the Puohokomoa falls!
  • Hawaiin tradition
  • Natural beauty
  • Adventure sports
Hana is a peaceful town located along the eastern coastline of Maui, it is considered as the last underdeveloped paradise frontiers of Hawaii. It is 52 miles away from Kahalui, the ... moretrip will take 2-4 hours through narrow bridges, spectacular island views and hairpin turns. The picturesque sights of dazzling waterfalls, the rocky shoreline of Hana, and some striking beaches of the island will make your journey amazing and alive for years longer.
The magic of Hana has been the same since 20 years. It is not touched by any modern developments till date that is the reason it gives a pleasure to one’s eyes. Hana community achieves to sustain in the small town surrounded by the Hawaiian culture, especially the attractive natural beauty.
St. Sophia’s Church will greet you at the entrance of Hana, and the Travaasa Hana will give you a comfortable treat with a glimpse of the Hawaiian tradition. You can swim and relax yourselves in Hamoa beach, perform snorkeling activities at the Waianapanapa State park, which is a stunning black sand beach, and also visit Pilanihale which is the largest Heiau of Hawaii.
This place will give you a pure ambience, with mystical and serene experience of your life.