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  • Beautiful coral reef and abundance of marine life
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming & sunbathing
Hanauma Bay Beach Park on the southern shores of Oahu was named the best beach in the United State in 2004. The beach is a protected cove with a stretch of white sand and tall palm ... moretrees. Because of the shape of the bay, the water is mostly kept calm providing ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling and also making it very accommodating for kids of all ages. No surfing or body boarding is allowed on the beach.

The curved bay had been declared a protected marine wildlife conservation area and underwater park in 1967. A rich coral reef extends throughout the cove and into deeper water. The marine life is diverse and abundant, making snorkeling and scuba diving, particularly fun and exciting. As a protected site, visitors watch a short video of the bay's history and wildlife before entering the beach. The bay floor is the crater of an ancient volcano that flooded as the exterior walls collapsed letting the ocean water rush in.

The bay is often full and finding parking can sometimes be difficult. Most amenities can be found at the beach. Gift shops also provide the opportunity for obtaining souvenir. Non-Hawaiian residents have to pay an entrance charge of $7.50 dollar, which is waived for Hawaiian residents, children under 12 and active military persons. Opening hours of the beach is at 6:00 am daily with the exception of Tuesdays when the beach is closed.

As a protected marine conservation area, no fishing is permitted neither is it allowed alcohol on the beach or intervening with the marine life. The sun is quite blistering at the beach therefore it is recommended having sun glasses, sun cream and other such items.
Beach, Geological Feature
Bathroom, Drinking water, Equipment rentals, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Lockers / storage, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers, Wheelchair access
  • Strong trade wind that can sweep you of your feet
  • Very beautiful panoramic scenery
  • Fantastic picnic area
Located about a 5 mile drive from downtown Honolulu, Nu'uanu Pali lookout offers one of the best scenic views of O'ahu. At a height of a 985 foot cliff of the Koolau Mountain Range, ... moreKing Kamehameha defeated the O'ahu army in 1795 on that location. It includes breathtaking views of Kanoehe Bay, Chinaman's Hat, and Hawaii Pacific. The location has also made history in the Hawaiian Kingdom struggle, and offers visitors a thrilling experience with strong trade winds that can sweep you off your feet and great panoramic scenery.

Since ancient times to present day, Nu'uanu Pali has been vital as the traversal section that connects the leeward side, and Honolulu to the windward side. Settlers made villages and populated the Nu'uanu valley for thousands of years. Of importance is also the Nu'uanu reservoir. It consists of small bodies of water that have various species of catfish. The river bed offers great opportunity for picnicking.

Stories told include superstitious tales that two black stones near the Nu'uanu Valey represent a pair of goddesses who are guardians of the passage down Pali. Visitors often left flowers to ensure a safe passage, and parents buried their new born umbilical cord for protection against evil.

The landscape is made up of big trees and dense forest. The terrace thousands of feet above the Oahu coastline, at occasions covered with clouds, overlooks areas of Kanoehe and Kailua. The University of Hawaii marine biology research center and Coconut Island are also visible. Continuing through the Pali tunnel, you can reach Windward Oahu and either to the beach town of Kailua or toward Kaneohe.
Scenic Lookout, Scenic Road
  • Spectalar moments watching The Eddie competition
  • Jumping of the Waimea cliff
  • Body boarding and snorkeling
Waimea Bay has become renowned worldwide since the 1950's when adventurous surfers challenged the powerful waves that forms on its coast, hence giving birth to the big wave-riding ... morephenomenon. Waves at Waimea Bay can reach 20 feet or more in height. Surfers from all over the world gather at the location in the months of November through February, the big wave season, to take part in the thrill and excitement.

Waimea Bay is home to the Quicksilver competition, in honor of Eddie Aikau, a legendary Hawaiian Waterman. The Quiksilver contest only takes place during massive swells. Several other famous competitions take place at Waimea Bay or the beaches in the vicinity. One such competition is the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing also known as the Super Bowl of surfing which happens between the months of November and December.

Despite being renowned for the big waves and surfing competitions at its beach, Waimea Bay is also a beautiful place to enjoy the beach. During the summer months, the water is calm and give the perfect opportunity to swim in the crystal clear blue waters or undertake any other water activities such as canoeing, scuba-diving, wind surfing and more.

Exploring the surrounding is another experience. Not far is the town of Haleiwa with shops and restaurant. A botanical garden and cultural attraction can be found nearby in Waimea valley and is home to very beautiful Waimea Falls. Waimea Bay nevertheless, still attracts surfers from all over the world seeking excitement and adventure and to take part in the most famous competitions in surfing.
In other seasons, the beach provides the perfect conditions for body boarding or body surfing. Another activity that is often undertaken is cliff diving from the popular 'Waimea cliff".

Overlooking Waimea Bay Beach Park is the Saints Peter and Paul Church, a popular landmark on the North Shores of Oahu. It can easily be seen from the beach. Humpback whales and dolphins can also be spotted particularly at dawn from the beach. The beach also has a nice grassy area, which is great for playing football or just relaxing in the shade of trees when it is too hot.

Nearby Waimea Bay Beach Park is also other attractions such as the Botanical garden home to the beautiful Waimea Falls. The town of Haleiwa is also not very far when shop, restaurant provides the opportunity to have some wonderful time. You may also want to try the famous cool shave ice.
Beach, Park, Scenic Lookout
Bathroom, Drinking water, Lifeguards, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • USS Arizona memorial
  • Shrine room with the names of victims engraved on the walls
  • Sunken USS Arizona battleship
Japanese forces on the 7th of December 1941 made a sneak attack which crippled much of the United State Navy and abruptly brought the United State fully engaged into the Second World ... moreWar. The Pearl Harbor attack was undertaken when in need of oil and other raw materials, the Japanese engaged in a war against China in mid-1937 and other oil and mineral rich countries of the East Indies, and South East Asia has as allies Germany and Italy.

With peace negotiations ending in November 1941, the United State secret agency expected the Japanese to attack into the Indies, Malaya, and the Philippines but did not anticipate an attack east as well. Japanese aircraft carriers reached the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, launching an aerial strike that resulted in sinking 5 out of 8 US battleships, and the others badly damaged or sinking, the majority of the Hawaii-based combat planes were damaged and more than 2400 Americans lost their lives.

The USS Arizona memorial is part of World War II valor in the Pacific National Monument that commemorates the events of that day. 1,102 sailors and marines of the 1,177 crewmen of the USS Arizona were killed during the Pearl Harbor attack.

In 1949, the Pacific War Memorial Commission was created and charged to build a memorial which was erected on the site of the submerged hull. The memorial stands to represent the American pride before the war, the depression after the attack and the rise to new heights after the war.

Along side and perpendicularly docked to the USS Arizona is the USS Missouri. It was moved to Pearl Harbor from the west coast of the United State. On the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, the Japanese surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz of the United State army effectively ending World War II.

Each year, millions of visitors embark on the Pearl Harbor tour, which provide a whole day tour of four historic locations that includes, the USS Arizona memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and park admission, the Pacific Aviation Museum, and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.
Cultural, Historic, Memorial, Museum
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Lockers / storage, Parking
  • Pineapple garden maze
  • Insight on various fruits and plants grown in the region
  • Scenic tour of the surounding
Dole Plantation began in 1950 as it operated as a food stand. Since, it has become a very popular attraction on Oahu. Visitors of the Dole Pineapple Plantation can experience a fun ... moreday trip and learn about the history of pineapples in Hawaii. Everything from the agricultural aspect, the soil chemistry, and the tale of James Dole.

Dole Pineapple Plantation is but two miles away from the town of Haleiwa and a 45 minutes drive from Honolulu. The train ride to the plantation offers the opportunity or some scenic views which can leave you breathless.

The Pineapple Garden Maze, which obtained the spotlight in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest maze in the world can also be seen at Dole Plantation. Going through the maze made of green hedges, twists and turns can have you painfully seeking the way out! The maze covers more than two acres and incorporates 1.5 miles long.

Many different activities can be undertaken while at the plantation. The garden tour will have you explore many other plants and trees, some native to the region others brought to the country. They include, bananas, cacao, coffee, papaya, mango and lei flowers.

The plantation also has a visitor center where snacks and drinks can be obtained or simply for relaxing. A gift shop provides the perfect opportunity for obtaining pineapple-related gifts and other souvenirs. It is thought that the first pineapples were planted on the island when a shipwreck coming from Mexico brought with it plants, tools, garments and pineapples. From then on, Spanish explorers started growing pineapples and other fruits. Jim Dole, then pioneered the pineapple industry and established the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii.

Various activities are organized on the plantation subject to a small fee. Some of the activities even include a stop to Pearl Harbor or scenic excursions of the surrounding. Dole Pineapple Plantation is world famous and a distinct attraction of Oahu, Hawaii.
Botanical Garden, Cultural, Historic, Plantation / Ranch
Bathroom, Food for purchase, Parking, Wheelchair access
  • Scenic view of the surrounding
  • Spotting humpback whales and the Hawaiian green turtles
  • Great for diving when the water is calm
The Halona Blow-hole located on the island of Oahu off of Hanauma Bay is a rock formation and a blow-hole formed by underwater lava which took the form of a tube and has an opening ... moreon both sides of it. As the ocean water enters the tube, the pressure increases as the tube narrows such that the water shoots upward into the air sometimes to a high of 30 feet or more. The Halona Blow-hole is a popular attraction. The location is very scenic, there are steep cliffs and fantastic views.

The blow-hole is most active during high tide. It is also the best location to go and look out for humpback whales or Honu (the Hawaiian green turtle). When there is no surf and a light northerly wind blowing, diving is possible along the coast. If the waves are breaking, it is recommended to dive elsewhere. The tidal change produces very strong currents known as 'Molokai Express" that can drag a person out to sea. Some persons have lost their life trying to sit on the blow-hole or trying to hold parts of their body into the stream of water. The area is quite dangerous, so it is best to be careful and stay at the lookout point and enjoy the view from a safe distance.

The Hawaiian name Halona means "peering place". On a very nice day, the view can be very fantastic. From far off on the horizon, the islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai can be seen. To the right of the blow-hole is located Halona Cove, a small sandy beach that is perfect for swimming when the surf is calm. The site is also known for the famous love scene of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the film "From here to eternity".
Attraction, Geological Feature
  • The most expensive real estate of Hawaii is located here
  • Very clean and hardly ever crowded beaches.
  • Kahala resort features an off-shore man made island, as well as a dolphin lagoon.
Located just at the eastern end of Diamond Head, by Oahu’s south shore, is a Honolulu neighbourhood, by the name of “Kahala”. This region is most famous for the fact that it has the ... moremost expensive real estate in all of the State of Hawaii. The average house in Kahala, would go for around 2 Million USD. Prices skyrocket when we look at bigger houses, or even beach-front properties, going up to even 25 Million Dollars. Kahala has become a symbol of wealth and fame in Hawaii, a sort of status symbol. Luxurious is the only word to describe what this neighborhood is.

Kahala is a favorite for not only international glitterati, but also for investors, who restore a broken-down property into beautiful mansions, and sell them for huge sums of money. Buyers generally keep these properties as vacation homes, and not as primary living homes. There are beach parks like Waialae Beach Park. The beaches are also not recommended for swimming, due to the rockiness near the shore. The beach park further includes grassy areas. The beaches of Kahala are beautiful, and hardly ever crowded, making this a truly exclusive place. A main attraction of this neighborhood would be the Kahala Resort and Hotel, formerly known as the Kahala Mandarin Oriental. This Resort features a private man-made island, and also a dolphin lagoon, and shows of these dolphins are put on for guests, daily! The Kahala Mall is also an attraction, featuring many familiar as well as unfamiliar stores and restaurants.

Kahala uses the zip code 96816. The population of the Kahala-Waialae neighborhood is 7,870 people in an area of about 4 sq. Miles. This gives the neighborhood a population density of almost 2000 people per sq. mile.
Beach, Neighborhood, Park, Town
Food for purchase, Parking, Picnic tables
  • Predominantly mormon community.
  • Polynesian Cultural center, the most paid visitor attraction in Hawaii, is located here.
  • The La'ie Hawaii temple, found in La'ie, is the 5th oldest mormon temple in the world.
Just between Hau’ula and Kahuku lies a small town on the northeastern shore of Oahu, by the name of La’ie. It is mainly a residential community and has a population of 6,138 as per ... morethe 2010 census over an area of 2.1 sq. miles, resulting in a population density of 2,900 people per mile. The zip code used for this town is 96762.

La’ie was a pu’uhonua, a sanctuary for fugitives long ago. The name La’ie actually means the leaf (La) of a certain type of plant called a screwpine (Freycinetia arborea). This plant was considered to be sacred to Kane, the god of the Earth, god of life and god of forests.

The community is predominantly mormon, and the cultural attractions of the town include the Mormon temple located here, the La’ie Hawaii temple, which is the 5th oldest mormon temple in all the world. The Polynesian Cultural center, a large open museum and park which features the cultures of seven Polynesian island nations. It is the most paid visitor attraction in all of Hawaii and also the state’s largest living museum. Also located here is the Hawaii campus of Brigham Young University. A small shopping square can also be found.

One thing you should definitely check out, however, is La’ie point (or Laniloa point), which is a lithified dune protruding out into the ocean. To get there, take the Kamehameha Highway onto Anemoku Street toward the ocean. Take a right, and follow Napaka street till the very end. Accompanying this dune, will be two other lithified dunes, namely Kukuihoolua and Mokualai, which lie just offshore. Close by, you can find Pounders beach (La’ie Beach Park) and Hukilau beach.
  • 63-Acre Volcanic Tuff Island
  • Home to Monk Seals
  • 15 Highly Endangered Plants Found Here
Rabbit Island is operated as a seabird sanctuary and is operated by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. When viewed from certain angles, the island may look like the ... morehead of a bunny rabbit, but the island, who’s proper name is Manana Island, takes its name because politician John Adams Cummins started raising rabbits there in the 1880s. The rabbits were removed from the island in 1994, as they were destroying the fragile ecosystem reserved for seabirds. Interestingly, there were reportedly no birds on the island when Cummins introduced his rabbits there.
It is against the law for people to be on Rabbit Island or harass the birds or monk seals living on the island. The island is home to between 170,000 and 260,000 birds. Many of the birds are sooty terns. This bird seldom comes ashore except to breed, and has been known to exist solely in the water for up to ten years. The island is also popular for its brown noddies and black noddies. These two subspecies are unusual because they nest in small trees and shrubs. When nesting, they are very easy to catch so early sailors called them noddies, which can be translated simpleton. The island is also popular with wedge-tailed shearwaters that usually bond with one mate for life. When a divorce does happen, then the bird’s breeding for that year is unsuccessful. The island is also popular with Bulwer’s petrels, and Red-tailed tropicbirds.
Beach, Geological Feature, Hike, Offshore Island, Landmark
  • 2 mile Scenic Hike
  • 500 foot Climb in Elevation
  • Ocean looks Turquoise from Here
Located within the 38-acre Makapuʻu Point State Wayside Park, is the Makapu'u Lookout. The trail leads from the former Coast Guard residential area to the summit on a relatively easy ... moresandy path.
From the summit, visitors can watch for whales from November to April using the provided telescope or their own binoculars. If it is a clear day, it is sometimes possible to see the blowholes on Makapu’u Head’s rocky shore from the summit. On almost any clear day, visitors can see magnificent sea cliffs, Visitors can also often see Makapu’u Beach Park, Rabbit Island, and Kaohikaipu Island.
Visitors to the park can also take another short hike to see the Makapu’u Lighthouse. This path starting near the same trailhead also offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.
Hike, Scenic Lookout, Landmark