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  • Many resorts
  • Wedding and vacation spot
  • Lots of marine creatures
Lawai Beach is a petite beach strip that fronts Lawai beach resort as well as beach house restaurant. Snorkeling here can be done during calm climate, this place is an ideal spot for ... moreexperienced surfers and favorite place for people who like to watch surfing activities. You can even spot rare monk seal and sea turtles at the place. Don’t forget to get your camera as you can capture breathtaking sunset views too. If you are planning to stay at the luxurious beach resorts, you need to make prior booking and other arrangements.
If you are a foodie, you can have a fun time with your meal and amazing nature views. The Lawai beach is protected under a reef barrier, visitors can even enjoy just by sitting at the beach watching people involving in beach sports and the picturesque views. You can even spot tangs, butterflies, and parrot fish along with other marine animals that have their habitat here. There are many monuments, gardens, historical points, heiaus, restaurants, stores, vacation rentals, and many other popular attractions near the beach so that no visitor faces any kind of problems here.
Picnic tables
  • Amazing View
  • Historical Place
  • Adventure
Honopu beach is a very peculiar beach located along the northwest shore of Kauai, in Hawaii. To get there you need to be a good swimmer, because you won’t be able to get there by any ... moreother means. Be sure to gear up with your paddles too. The best time to get there is when the surf is low, avoiding dangerous rip tides and crashing waves.
But every challenge has its reward, and this beach will be more than willing to offer breathtaking scenery. In 1976, one of the most renowned films “King Kong” was filmed here, along with many other well-known movies and TV shows, like Riders of the Lost Arc, 6 Days/7 Nights and South Pacific among others. The attractiveness of this place is reflected in its distinctive natural arch which stands 90 feet tall and bears the title of the tallest arch in Hawaii.
The name Honopu means “conch shell”, it is given due to the humming sound produced by the arch every time when the wind blows from the North. The valley surrounding the beach is known to be spiritual and therefore the entire valley is filled with temples and burial grounds where many Hawaiian legends were buried in peace.
  • Wai'oli Beach Park
  • Pavilion Beach Park
  • Camping
Hanalei Bay is one of the largest bays of Kauai, it is surrounded by white sandy beach which stretches 2 miles long and about 125 feet wide. The bay is nestled between the Waipa river ... morein west to the Hanalei river in east. Three rivers, namely Wai’oli, Waipa and Hanalei cross over the beach by mixing the stream into the beach. The beach looks clean every time, filled with white sand. The bottom of the ocean slides into the depth of waters. You can find huge coral reefs at the end of Hanalei Bay, Waikoko reef in west and Pu’u Poa reef in east. In the center, however you can the find small patch reefs.
Besides beauty, the bay provides every recreational activity that you can enjoy, right from boating and fishing to windsurfing. When the surf is high, don’t get involved into bodyboarding or surfing; however you can enjoy kayaking in the fields along Hanalei River. As every Hawaiian location has a meaning, Hanalei literary got its name from the meaning lei shaped bay. The beach is not just preferred by visitors, even the locals like to hang around here. To get the striking view of the beach, you can go to Princeville Hotel which is situated on the east side of the place.
Bathroom, Camping, Lifeguards, Picnic tables, Showers
  • 85 ft waterfall
  • Unbelievable views
Wailua falls is a spectacular huge waterfall which is located at the finishing point of the Ma'alo Road in the Kauai region of Hawaii. It is an easy waterfall to locate and a drive ... morehere will reveal other marvelous waterfalls coexisting in the same region. It is an eighty-five feet high waterfall, and this is the true height of this waterfall, unlike the much-debated myth that it is above 180 ft high.
Diving has been strictly prohibited in this waterfall, because of the incumbent fatalities that have been reported. Therefore, it is highly advised that nothing of the sort be tried out here. There is a parking spot near the falls that should be used for your convenience as well as that of others. If you are one of those people who absolutely must get to the bottom of this fall, and are very sure about it, then there are two trails that can be used to get there, although highly unadvised.
It is best to see the falls in the season when there is above average precipitation and rainfall, this makes the waterfalls all the more raging and beautiful. Therefore, take a trip down the Ma’alo road and get the most breathtaking view imaginable!
  • Private and secluded beach accessed by a long drive
  • Ideal for picnics and camping
  • Queen's Pond only place suitable for swimming due to strong currents
When it comes to remote and secluded beach parks, you will surely love Polihale State Beach Park! Situated in western Kauai, the only way to get to this beach is via a dirt road which ... moreis not well marked, bumpy and can get clogged during rains. It is therefore advisable to approach Polihale State Beach Park on 4 Wheel Drive vehicles only.

Yet, it would certainly be well worth the trying 5 mile long ride from Mana village, thanks to the spectacular scenes on offer as well as the assured privacy. This is especially true since the beach itself is considerably long, stretching over several miles which means you can easily find a secluded spot for yourself.

The sunset views are a big draw at Polihale State Beach Park. Further, there are tall cliffs at one end of the beach, a view which you will particularly enjoy. So whether you are looking for a picnic for yourself and your entire entourage or simply would like to go tent camping, this would surely be an ideal place to visit.

Beware of strong offshore currents though; the only place recommended to go swimming here is the area commonly referred to as the Queen's Pond.
Beach, Park
Bathroom, Camping, Picnic tables, Showers, Pavilion
  • A Nice Scenic Drive
  • Guided Tours Inside and Out
  • The "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
One of Kauai's most stunning natural features is the Waimea Canyon. Being ten miles long and over half a mile deep this is the largest canyon in the Pacific. The valley gorges, craggy ... moreoutface, and rugged landscape makes it a must-see destination that's great for photos. Mark Twain once found this canyon to be grand enough to comment on after it made a very deep impression on him, he called it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".
A variet of tours are offered in and around the canyon. Learn the history that made it, how rains cascading down from Mount Wai'ale'ale's summit slowly carved the colorful layers of rock into the great geological feature seen today. Located within Kokee state park, which includes 45 miles of trails worth hiking, this canyon is a great location to put on the list when visiting Hawaii. Remember that trails are rated by difficulty and should be researched before being taken on. You'll find trails that are good for hikers of all skill level.
The main access road is the Walmea Canyon Drive and has several exotic lookout points. A jacket is recommended for the cooler temperatures. Don't forget the gas because there is no service station in this area, and no one wants to get stuck.
Attraction, Park, Scenic Lookout
Bathroom, Picnic tables
  • Another Hawaiian Legend of the Menehune
  • A Huge Lava Rock Wall
  • Beautiful Lookout Area Great for Photos
Going back to the legend of the menehune (the little people of Hawaii), the legend says that these little people built this in a single night. Considered to be master craftsmen these ... morelittle guys were supposed to be able to accomplish grand deeds in a short amount of time. These are certainly helpful little creatures of Hawaii in legends. The fishpond is near Hulei’a Stream. Visitors will find a lava rock wall that is 900 feet long and 5 feet high between the pond and stream.
This is a historic geological feature that, and the lava rock wall in legends is said to have been built the menehune passing rocks hand in and hand. Fishponds were an important part of ancient Hawaiian life, and were often built to catch fish, apiculture in Hawaii was a large source of the food. This pond, however, is no longer being used and is actually on private land. Try taking photos of this amazing piece of Hawaiian culture from the lookout point on Hulemalu Road. You’re sure not to be disappointed with the beauty you’ll find.
Geological Feature, Historic
  • Visit the Crescent Bay of Hawaii
  • Swim and Relax at Hanalei
  • Various Ocean Activities for Your Trip
Translating into “Crescent Bay” in Hawaiian is Hanalei, 32 miles from Lihue. You’ll find scenic Kauai beaches nearby, like Hanalei Bay. Here you can relax, enjoy various water based ... moreactivities, and great for swimming. If you’d rather spend a day shopping, the Hanalei Center and Ching Young Village has a great entertainment, dining, and shopping options for visitors to choose from.
If you come from Princeville (the closest place where you can get lodgings near Hanalei) you have to cross a one-lane bridge. During heavy rains you won’t be able to go beyond the first one-lane bridge point. Seven miles away is Ke’e Beach, so enjoy the scenic drive on your way down. Lookout points are on the way before you reach the bridge. So feel free to go and take pictures even if it’s raining. Look out at Hanalei Valley and Hanalei Bay for great photo opportunities.
This is a great visitor attraction. If you go all the way to the crescent bay of Hawaii, or just stop at the overlooks, or enjoy the beach activities offer in the area you’re sure to have fun on your way to Hanalei.
Beach, Geological Feature, Mountain, Scenic Lookout, Town