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  • Swimming conditions
  • Safe place
  • Golf course and restaurants
Kapalua Bay is a complete white sandy beach located on the north western shore of Maui. The Kapalua Bay is under the protection of two reefs extending and forming a cove of C shape ... morewhich is perfect for snorkeling. The calm water of the bay makes an ideal spot for novice snorkelers, and for kids to play outdoor games. The beach is well known for the calm beauty and comfort, the feel and uncrowded space attract a large amount of visitors to the place.
Visitors can take a walk towards the north of the bay and enjoy snorkeling at the rocky surface. The depth of the place will be around 10 feet; from here you can closely view the reef and shoot pictures for the sweet memories. You can even find a variety of fishes here like parrot fish, butterfly fish, chub, surgeon fish, tang, box fish, trigger fish, damsel fish, Hawaii state fish- Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, hawk fish, cornet fish, and many others.
You can get easy access to shower after stepping out of the sand; however, there are no food items available here so tourists should get them. Enjoy the sand and picturesque view of the amazing Kapalua Bay while you are in Hawaii.
Bathroom, Showers
  • Shady Trees
  • Community Gatherings
  • Rock Wharfs
Kanaha Beach Park is a delightful place found in the quiet waterfront breadth between Spreckelsville Beach and Kahului Bay. People love to take a walk out here, under the clam trees, ... moreand some even love to swim in the beach too.
Lae'ula O Kai Canoe Club's home office looks after the beachfront structure, and windsurfers frequently make greater utilization of Kanahâ's positive seaward breezes. Road signs through Amala Place focus the way. Kanaha Beach Park is just a few miles away from Kahului Airport, which effortlessly opens from Hana Highway 36.
The beach neighborhood incorporates swimmers, jumpers, anglers, kayak paddlers, surfers, windsurfers and many more, that coincide with shared appreciation for one another. Kanaha Beach Park is really a great segment of coast with almost 4 significant sunny shores, punctuated through rock wharfs and streams and headlands. At Kanaha, people can isolate themselves into diverse territories where they revel in the Beach. This is an open range that depends intensely on neighborhood help for upkeep, restoration and cleanup.
Kanaha is fruitful due to the participation among the communities. There are colossal measures of volunteer who work for the beach because they love Kanaha. But, on a general note the work of these volunteers always remains unnoticed. Group gatherings ought to be acknowledged, but fishing along the shore is restricted for to preserve the marine life.
Beach, Park
Bathroom, Camping, Drinking water, Equipment rentals, Food for purchase, Lifeguards, Lockers / storage, Parking, Picnic tables, Showers
  • Stunning view
  • Beautiful harbor
  • Picnic spot
One of the most popular beaches of Maui, the Honokohau bay is one of the most beautiful beaches that you have ever come across. Prepare yourself for a joy ride throughout the bay and ... moreget indulged in some of the most adventurous activities. This sandy beach can offer you with some of the best snorkeling and swimming platforms. Snorkeling is one of the most favorite activities opted by the people. The windy waves help you swim along the reef. Turn left from the harbor trail to reach to the magnificent beach.
Keeping the high traffic of the customers, the tourism department has set up restrooms for the people. However, there are no lifeguards in the area. For people who are just visiting the place to enjoy its beauty, they can get some of the best views from the west coast. The tides can be quite strong at times so it is important to follow all the safety measures and the warnings that you come across. It is also one of the favorite destinations for the surfers because of the strong tidal currents. This long salt and pepper sand beach can give you some of the best and the most memorable moments.
  • Helicopter tour
  • Most splendid view
  • Tallest waterfall of Maui
Honokohau falls are probably the tallest falls in the Maui location. The extraordinary waterfall was filmed in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ to produce ‘out of the world’ and exotic beauty ... moreexperience. The falls is named after the Honokohau stream which is a long river starting from the Puu Kukui summit. The place gets frequent rains, the summit gets over 9000 mm rain every year. These rains help small rivers and fall into the valley.
The waterfalls is two layered, the upper one is higher and falls into small pool, then falls at shorter distance. The height is mentioned as 341 m; however it is actually 487 m according to the people living there. It is difficult to access the waterfall by feet; however helicopter tour will make your trip amazing. The scene looks stunning as the waterfall starts from clouds and then flows into the emerald looking mountains.
The mesmerizing view of the falls will take your breath away; you will feel out of the world at one glance of the Honokohau falls. Hiking and access by car is also impossible here, therefore book the chopper in advance to prevent disappointment later on. There are various companies offering tours to visitors, research well in advance.
  • Bird sanctuary
  • Bird migration
Located between Kahului airport and downtown Kahului, the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent spot for holiday lovers who wish to get close to the Nature. The popular ... morewaterfowl sanctuary is spread across an area of 143 acres and is abode to three beautiful Hawaiian bird species, which are – Hawaiian Coot, Hawaiian Stilt, and Hawaiian Duck. Sadly, all of them are now on the list of endangered species. It was during the 1500’s when the royal fishpond was built by a chief of Molokai and Oahu. In the present time, the waterfowl sanctuary is home to more than fifty types of birds. Among them are plovers, doves, herons, owls, gallinules, geese, tattlers, sandpipers and many more.
Winter season is said to be the best time to visit the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary as migratory birds from different regions of the world stop here to migrate and breed. Admission to the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is free but fishing and swimming are not allowed. You can reach the pond through a paved walkway built at the southern side of the refuge. This is also a great spot to observe birds of a wide range of species.
Attraction, Geological Feature, Park
  • Kaukini Gallery collection
  • High rising cliffs
  • Kahakuloa village
Kahakuloa Head (Pu’u Koa’e) lies in the west of Maui. Despite its beauty it is not frequently visited due to the single scary road that leads to the place. It is neighbored by the ... moresmall village of Kahakuloa. If you have the courage to take Kahekili "Highway" (340) all the way out here you will be rewarded by steep cliffs and epic views.
According to historic tales, the cliffs at Kahakuloa Head were once the favorite diving spot of King Kahekili. Please do not try to follow in his footsteps since even the approach to the cliffsides is very dangerous. The entire area is only scarcely populated and thus offers a great retreat from the more touristic hotspots of Maui for the more outdoorsy minded visitor.
Cultural, Hike, Historic, Scenic Lookout, Town
  • Annual events and festivals
  • Delicious meals
  • Lahaina harbor
Lahaina is often called as ‘jewel in Maui’s crown’, it is a place experienced by 83% of Maui tourists, or specifically about 2 million people every year. Lahaina is second most loved ... morespot in Maui, next to the beaches. This historic town lies between the tranquil waters of Au’au Channel and abundant valleys and peaks of Mauna Kahalawai. The town has provided home to many cultures for centuries, and always welcomes visitors in a cordial way.
The sunny climate and ocean setting of Lahaina will provide a perfect background for a plethora of activities and amusement. Get a new taste of the great Hawaii local Cuisine in the best restaurants of Lahaina. Also, get tickets to luau seaside of Maui to enjoy meals, drinks and the local dances of Polynesia. Don’t miss the finest shows of Ulalena in Maui theatre that offers Broadway production presenting the Hawaiian culture.
The best time to visit Lahaina is in winters when Halloween is celebrated grandly, and you can enjoy a sail of Lahaina Harbor and watch the unforgettable whale tour. These magnificent creatures will take your breath away.
Lahaina Whale & ocean arts festival, Banyan tree birthday party, Snow festival, and Lahaina poster contest are some of the popular events celebrated annually in the town.
Historic, Town
  • Tropical life
  • Luxury resorts
  • Classy lifestyle
Kapalua is just at the point where blue radiant specific and white shiny beaches meet lush and green peaks. This place is located on the northwestern shore of Maui, it is a sophisticated ... moreand elite place where one can pacify one’s soul and senses too, and at the same time enjoy various activities like tennis, golf and other water games. This place is an ideal getaway where the popular Wine and Food festival is held among large pineapple acres and cook pines.
Visitors chiefly enjoy the spectacular beach life and outdoor activities, next to awe-inspiring nature vies. After playing all day in the sun, one can experience the classic Hawaiian Luau at night. Gorge on customary meals that include traditional cooked kalua pig, haupia or poi, and other Hawaiian foods cooked in earthen pots.
Kapalua is filled with luxurious resorts so that visitors get all kinds of comforts. Discover the blossoming vegetation and explore how animals and birds are protected in Haleakala Volcano. A walk through the rivers with your beloved or family will keep the memories alive. Visiting the caves, climbing onto the peak of Volcano to get impressive sights, and climbing down on horseback- what more can a tourist wish for?