Free or cheap rides in Oahu Honolulu Airport Hanauma Bay and more

So, what's the best way to get around Waikiki, Honolulu & Oahu?
As a visitor to Oahu, you have several options of how to get around the island. Many of these, like The Bus, airport shuttle services, car rentals & tour companies, are options that everyone is familiar with and understands the pros and cons. However, recently there have been a couple extra options for visitors and locals alike in terms of affordable, reliable transportation that is quicker than the bus and more affordable than a taxi or taking a tour. These options are Lyft & Uber. If you have never used Lyft or Uber, you can download the apps below and get promo codes for free  & discounted rides. Don't come all the way to Hawaii and not see what the entire island has to offer!

Benefits & suggestions for using lyft:
  1. Lyft has a larger pickup radius meaning, that if you're in Kailua, west side, even north shore, you have a better chance of getting a driver to pick you up. I suggest requesting a ride 30 minutes to 1 hour before you want to get picked up, so that you give the driver sufficient time to get there.
  2. If you're in front of a specific store or hotel, try searching the name of that place when you set your pickup location as this gives the driver a better idea of where you are.
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Benefits & suggestions for using Uber:
  1. Like lyft, if you're in a hotel or store, try finding the name of the place to input as your pickup location to give the driver a better idea of where you are.
  2. The Uber radius is smaller than lyft, so if you can't get an uber where you are, try getting a lyft.
  3. Always input the name or address of the place you're going before you get picked up. It just makes things so much quicker and streamlined.
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