Overhead view of Koko Head

Koko Head Crater

  • Very fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding
  • Softball Field
  • Youth Volunteer Activities
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An iconic landmark in the area, Koko Head Crater is a cone volcano that attracts people from all over the word. many people come to hike the trail which is short, but can be very tiresome. To get to the top, you will have to climb some 1,048 rail road ties. It was built over 60 years ago as a pathway for supplying the military bunkers found at the top of the crater.

Climbing to the top is also a unique experience. Part of the trail requires pass by a 10 to 15 foot deep gully which is not for the faint hearted. An alternative route can be found to the right of the gully, if you are not that brave. Reaching the top of the crater, visitors are treated with one of the most magnificent views of the surrounding. Horse stables and a 60-acres Botanical Garden can also be found within the Koko Head Crater. Visitors have the opportunity to take horse riding lessons if they desires or admire the beautiful horses. They also can admire a diversity of tropical plants at the Botanical Garden. A wrench and other old rail road equipment dating from the times when the location was being used during the Pearl Harbor attack can also be seen.

Koko Head Crater is an inactive volcano. It is also known as Kohelepelepe which in Hawaiian means "Labia minor". The name derives from an ancient legend that says that, Kapo, one of the sisters of Pele, the volcano goddess, had a magical "flying vagina" which she could send anywhere. When Kamapua'a, the pig go, tried to rape Pele, Kapa came to help her and threw her vagina to Koko Head which then formed the crater.

When hiking the trail, you should have with you plenty of water, some sunscreen, and wear some good shoes. Hiking in the morning hours is best since the sun is not too hot then.

Scenic Lookout
Drinking water
Picnic tables
Daily4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
7430 Kalanianaole Highway, Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States 96825
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