Boats near the sandbarr

Kaneohe Sandbar

  • The Only Sandbar in Hawaii
  • Also known as Ahu O Laka
  • Great for Small Boats
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A very popular location visited by locals and tourists alike, Kaneohe Sandbar is located just offshore from Heeia Boat Harbor. It is a mile wide and three miles long. During low tides, many people come to the area seeking to escape from the mainland. The location is perfect for having a picnic, playing different beach games such as volleyball or Frisbee, or just sunbathing on the beautiful sand. Kaneohe Sandbar also offers fantastic panoramic views of Kaneohe Bay. On very beautiful days, Coconut Island, Kekepa Island, Chinaman's Hat and the Koolau Mountains can also be seen. When  there is high tide, the sandbar is completely submerged underwater.

At high tides, the area is not completely deserted. The ecosystem attracts snorkelers seeking to explore the marine life. Snorkelers with eagle eyes can spot cornet fish and flounders as they attempt to blend in with the sand. Caution must be taken if you are not an experienced snorkelers. At the edges of the sandbar there is a deep drop-off which can quickly find you exploring in greater depths.

Kiteboarders also appreciate the area to practice their sport. They can often be seen on their board harnessing the power of the wind. You can also find schools nearby if you are interested in learning to practice the sport.

When visiting Kaneohe Sandbar, you should have all essential for spending some time under the sun. Sunscreen, eye glasses and beach umbrella are strongly recommended as there are no shade. You should also keep the area clean and take your trash with you when leaving. In the Hawaiian language, Kaneohe Sandbar is known as Ahu O Laka which means Altar of Laka.

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47-89 Kamehameha Highway, Kaneohe, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States 96744
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