Kaneohe Sandbar Sunday Afternoon

Kaneohe Bay

  • Very beautiful scenery
  • Nice clear and warm water perfect for paddle boarding
  • Turtles and hammerhead sharks
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Kane'ohe Bay is a sheltered body of water in the mainland Hawaiian island. It is located on the windward, northwest coast of Oahu. About 8 miles (12.8km), it's a reef-dominated embayment that provides a spectacular view and lots of recreational features.  Visitors come to the sandbar island by boat. It is often not crowded.  At the backdrop, the Ko'olau Mountains and Chinaman's hat offers picture perfect opportunity.  The water is warm and very clear, there are also no waves.  The area is great for kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling or just enjoy the sand and coral beach. Several beaches surround the area, you can find a nice cozy spot where you have all the privacy you want and enjoy the serenity. Many local residents with boats find the location also as the perfect place for having a barbecue.

Kane'ohe Bay consist of five islets, the sandbar (Ahu o Laka),  Kekepa (Turtleback rock), Kapapa, are islets on the reef barrier. Two prominent islands are found within Kane'ohe Bay, Mokoli'i (Chinaman's hat) and Moku o Lo'e (coconut island).  Dozen of popular and TV series had been made in the Bay, Pearl Harbor and Gilligan's island and 50 first date are among the most. The location was also chosen by the Hawaiian Chief to build their sacred fishponds. The sandbar in Kane'ohe Bay appears during low tide and during high tides it is completely submerged under water.

Kane'ohe Bay is also a breeding ground for hammerhead sharks.  Thousands are born on the island every year, marine scientists from all over the world come to the bay to study the sharks who spend their first few months in the shallow waters before swimming out to deeper waters. The sharks can grow to a length of 13 feet. Turtles can also be seen swimming near the bay.

Kane'ohe Bay does is not ideal for swimming, the bay is mostly visited for the extraordinary view and for relaxing. The bay is protected from the strong trade winds induced waves by a large barrier reef. The result is that the conditions make it perfect for the growth of patch reefs and fringe reefs throughout the bay. There are no facilities in the islets, but the beaches on the main islands, Mokoli'i and Coconut island, there can be found a few facilities such as showers, picnic tables.

Picnic tables
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47-89 Kamehameha Highway, Kaneohe, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States 96744
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