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Germaines Luau

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Let us take you back 100 years and 27 miles from Waikiki to our exclusive beach front property on the shores of West Oahu. Acclaimed as America's Best Luau in "America's Best" and filmed by ABC's "Good Morning America", Germaine's Luau has been inviting visitors to experience a traditional backyard-style luau since 1976.

The fun begins the moment you are picked up by our friendly hosts from one of oir many locations in Waikiki. Thirty "Hawaiian" minutes seem to pass quickly as they are entertained with songs, laughter, and lots of "Aloha Spirit" while riding in a comfortable, air conditioned motorcoach.

Upon arrival, each guest is welcomed welcomed with a Hawaiian Shell Lei. Photographs are taken and are placed on our special souvenir book which will be available for purchase at the end of the evening.

The sounding of the conch shell announces the beginning of our luau and the arrival of the Royal Court of Polynesia. As the imu (underground oven) is uncovered, the savory aroma of the Kalua Pua`a (roasted pig) reminds is that dinner will be served soon.

Our dinner menu features an array of tasty Hawaiian and American selections sure to please even the less adventurous. Mai Tais, Blue Hawaii's, Chi Chi's, and Pina Coladas are offered at our main bar along with an assortment of standard drinks, tropical, blended, and non-alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea are complimentary and unlimited all evening!

The night is filled with beauty, color and excitement as our multi-talented kane (men) and wahine (women) take everyone on a non-stop, musical journey throughout the Islands of Polynesia. Featured are dances from Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand, and romantic Hawaii.

Like all good things, the luau must come to an end. As our journey through Polynesia concludes, our Island performers bid you a fond "Aloha Oe" (farewell)- until we meet again.

But wait! The evening isn't over yet! Our fun-loving hosts and hostesses escort our guests back to your Waikiki hotel keeping everyone entertained all the way.

Germaine's Luau offers the ultimate in entertainment. Discover why we are truly... "Too Good To Miss"!

Take in the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands. Enjoy the spectacular Polynesian show delivered to you at the ocean’s edge, under the stars and palm trees. Be touched by the magic of ancient Hawaii and all  its splendor. Feel the spirit of Aloha, experience a Backyard-style Hawaiian Luau and discover why Germaine’s Luau is "too good to miss."

We offer 3 different luau packages:

Original Luau includes: 

  • Round-trip Transportation from Waikiki
  • Lei greeting
  • Open seating in the non-reserved section of the beachside dining area
  • All-you-can eat Hawaiian/American buffet 
  • One (1) standard beverage ticket for adults
  • Unlimited complimentary soft drinks, hot coffee & tea
  • Various pre-dinner and pre-show entertainment and activities
  • Polynesian Revue featuring Samoan Fire knife Dancer
Hibiscus Luau includes:
  • Round-trip Transportation from Waikiki
  • Lei greeting 
  • Reserved seating in prime central section of the beachside dining area
  • All-you-can eat Hawaiian/American buffet
  • 3 premium beverage tickets for adults
  • Unlimited complimentary soft drinks hot coffee & tea
  • Various pre-dinner and pre-show entertainment and activities
  • Photo opportunities with cast 
  • Polynesian Revue featuring Samoan Fire knife Dancer 
Plumeria Luau Package includes:
  • Round-trip transportation from Waikiki
  • Lei greeting 
  • Photo taking with Polynesian model/greeter in premier beachside location
  • Reserved seating in premier front row central section of the beachside dining area
  • Plumeria hostess to assist
  • All you-can eat Hawaiian/American dinner menu with initial table service & unlimited self-serve buffet
  • Separate dedicated bar window and 3 specialty beverage tickets for adults
  • Unlimited complimentary soft drinks, hot coffee & tea
  • Various pre-dinner and pre-show entertainment and activities
  • Photo opportunities with cast
  • Polynesian Revue featuring our Samoan Fire knife Dancers 
  • 1 complimentary Souvenir Photo per Plumeria Adult

ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET MENU (subject to change):

Help yourself to a multi-course American Hawaiian Buffet…a combination of traditional Island dishes and continental fare (for the "less adventuresome")! To quench your thirst, there is everything from fruit punch and soft drinks to Germaine's special Mai Tai's and Blue Hawaii's! 

Hawaiian American Buffet

  • Kalua Pig (Roasted Pig)
  • Poi (Taro Potato)
  • Sweet Dinner Rolls
    Chicken Long Rice
  • Lomilomi Salmon
  • Haupia (Coconut Pudding)
  • Island Fish
  • Rice
  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Teriyaki Beef
  • Pineapple Coleslaw
  • Vanilla Coconut Cake
  • Pulehu Chicken
  • Three Bean Salad
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Tossed Green Salad
  • Potato Macaroni Salad 

Main Bar Beverages

  • Mai Tai
  • Germaine's Special Blue Hawai`i
  • Pina Colada
  • Premium Bar
  • Chi Chi
  • Domestic & Import Beers
  • Lava Flow
  • Wine

A variety of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Tropical, Blended and Specialty Beverages are available.

Complimentary Soft Drinks, Hot Coffee and Hot Tea

  • Pepsi Cola
  • Kona Coffee
  • Diet Pepsi Cola
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • 7 Up
  • Hot Tea
  • Fruit Punch
  • Root Beer 
  • Mountain Dew 
  • Raspberry Iced Tea 

How We Began

The founding of our luau began in the early 1970's at Sea Life Park, the popular aquatic family venue overlooking picturesque Makapu'u Point on East Oahu. In 1976, we relocated to the sunny west side of our island to a beachfront property near the Barber's Point lighthouse where it remains today.

The area was the former seaside residence of Rosalei and William Stephenson & their family. The Stephensons were renowned for their hospitality and enjoyed hosting Hawaiian luau as a regular family tradition.

Prior to the development of the present Campbell Industrial Park, the area was lush with vegetation and surrounded with sugar cane fields waving in the gentle breeze. The waters along the shoreline of the estate teemed with fish and other treasures of the sea.

To ensure that the family would be forever united and always remain Keiki o Ka 'Aina (children of the land), individual coconut trees were planted for each member of the Stephenson family throughout the property. The heights of the various coconut trees today represent the different generations of family who celebrated aloha in their Hawaiian way of life and enjoyed happy times together. The lone Norfolk pine tree on the estate served as the family Christmas tree and the family members decorated it each year as they celebrated the joys of the Christmas holiday season. 

In keeping with the Stephenson family traditions, we have taken special measures to insure that the “family of coconut trees” remain in the areas they were originally planted and are properly maintained.

Our luau has evolved over the years but the true spirit of Aloha remains as the defining element of the Germaine's Luau experience.

Dances of the Pacific

Come and take a musical journey with us as we bring the islands ofSamoa, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Hawaii to life in our exciting Polynesian Review. 

From sunny shores of Pape'ete, are the graceful and dazzling Tahitian dancers with their colorful costumes and gravity defying headdresses. Tahitian dance is known for its swift and steady rhythmic hip movements. Incredible stamina and dance expertise are required to perform this high-energy rendition. 

The highlight of the show is the Samoan Fire-knife dance, known as the "Tooth of Death". In the original interpretation, this dance was performed with a dangerously sharp blade.

The story behind the dance is of a Samoan chief making a movie for Hollywood many years ago. He decided to include the flaming torch in his part to make the dance more spectacular.

The show also includes the energetic Samoan Slap Dance, a traditional display of male prowess. True to the name, the dancers slap their chests, arms and legs repeatedly throughout this segment. For Samoan men, this was an opportunity to demonstrate their bravery and courage.

No luau would be complete without the swaying hips and graceful hand motions of the Hula. The dancers tell beautiful and expressive stories of love and life in old Hawaii using elegantly simple implements such as the ipu (polished hollowed-out gourd) and uli uli (brightly colored feather topped gourds).

Traditional `Aha`aina

`Aha`aina - means feast; feasting - Traditionally feasts were held for human comfort and social enjoyment or to communicate with and seek the help of or to appease the Gods. In its supernatural context - we are referring to Hawaii's pre-Christian deities and rituals. The term`aha`aina is derived from the root words `aha which means a meeting; gathering; or assembly and `aina which refers to eating or a meal.

In pre-missionary Hawai`i, both special religious occasions and human milestones were observed with feasting. Food in early Hawai`i was very often scarce and precious. What food they had, they shared with each other and with the gods. For feasts and even ordinary meals were important ways of communicating with the gods and one's fellow man. During the feast or meal, the ancestral gods were usually brought out and they were also given their share of the meal - beyond a ritual offering of the spiritual essence or (aka) of the food.

In old Hawai'i , the `aha`aina feast was both a religious experience and an important part of the early ohana(family) way of life. The food prepared for the feast was precious to the early Hawaiian, for it provided vital source of life's nourishment from the gods.

Today, the observance of the religious significance of the`aha`aina has all but disappeared and a feast, as it is hosted and celebrated in contemporary times, has become essentially, a purely social affair.

While today's menu is similar to the food that was served at a traditional `aha`aina, much of the religious significance and symbolism of the foods are usually forgotten.

Original Luau PackageAdult21+
Original Luau PackageAdult, Child13-20
Original Luau PackageChild4-12
Hibiscus Luau PackageAdult21+
Hibiscus Luau PackageAdult, Child13-20
Hibiscus Luau PackageChild4-12
Plumeria Luau PackageAdult21+
Plumeria Luau PackageAdult, Child13-20
Plumeria Luau PackageChild4-12
Lap ChildInfant3 & younger
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Frequently Asked Questions
The term lu`au as defined in the Elbert/Pukui Hawaiian English Dictionary describes 1. The young taro tops, especially as baked with coconut cream and chicken or octopus; and 2. A Hawaiian feast, named for the taro tops always served at one; this is not an ancient name, but goes back to at least 1856, when so used by the Pacific Commercial Advertiser; formerly a feast was referred to as a pa`ina or `aha`aina. The pa`ina describes a small dinner party as compared to the `aha`aina which refers to a large banquet type gathering.
Choose the tour you are interested in, click the red "Book it” button adjacent to the tour information, and complete the booking form.
While we can usually accommodate most last-minute bookings, we highly encourage those that are checking out our website far in advance to book 2-3 weeks prior to desired date. You never know if there's a convention, special event, or a increase in overall visitors in town, and it would be a shame if the activities that you want to do are sold out because you waited until the last minute. Basically, if you know you want to do it, just book it!
Most companies have a set of centrally located hotels that they do pick ups from. This makes the pickup process short so you can start the tour as soon as possible!
Our luau is located in Kapolei on the beach. We are next to the Barber’s Point Lighthouse. It is approximately 27 miles from Waikiki.
We can order a special “stir fry” dish for you with advanced notice. Then you can go down our buffet line to select any other dish that you may desire.
Yes, although our luau is completely on the beach, we do have some areas where the sand is more compact & with the assistance of your family, you are able to access this area. We discourage bringing the motorized scooters since several have been damaged in the past due to sand getting into the motor. Germaine’s Luau will not be held responsible for any damage. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are bringing a wheelchair on the bus for we may need to reserve a specialized vehicle with our transportation company and these special buses are not always available.
We have two kinds of seating at luau. We have a few tables that are about 18” off the ground where you sit on beach mats that we provide. The majority of our tables are picnic benches. If you require a chair with a back, please contact our reservation office and we will arrange to have one for you.
We do not charge for children 5 years & under. We ask that you have them sit on your lap on the bus if there are no extra seats. At the luau, they are able to sit in their own seat & are given a small plate for the dinner buffet. Unlimited soft drinks are also available. Please bring your own baby carrier or stroller as we do not have any high chairs at the luau.
Luau begins at 6pm. If you are driving out to our luau, gates will open at 5:15pm.
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